Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 20]


There still was no one who was willing to run despite Xiao Ru Yue’s efforts.

With a helpless expression, Xiao Ru Yue said, “How about this. Since the sports meet is for the collective glory of our class, considering my weaker body, I’ll sign up for the 800m race so will everyone please be more enthusiastic? Yun Hua, I know that you’re in pretty good shape, so what would you like to sign up for?”

“Yeah Yun Hua, you came from a village and I heard that you used to do some shepherding, so I’m sure you’re in really good shape, how about you sign up for the 3000m race.” A guy in the front row named Jiang Hong Liang laughed gleefully and said.

Yun Hua ignored him and simply said, “What events are there for girls in this year’s sports meet.”

Xiao Ru Yue quickly walked over and show Yun Hua the list, “Take a look, there are the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800, 1500, and 3000m race, there is also long jump category.”

Xiao Ru Yue took a look and nodded, “The swimming competition is held on the last day! It wasn’t included in the previous years. This year, it was supposedly added to shortlist some students for the Provincial Middle School Swimming Championship. There isn’t a quota so it doesn’t matter if we participate or not… Why? Does Hua Hua want to join? But, I’ve never seen you swim before, furthermore… A swimming competition would need you to wear a swimsuit… Isn’t that a little too exposing?”

Yun Hua looked at the registration list and her heart trembled.

She took a deep breath and smiled, “I often swam in the river back in the village, so I am more confident in this. How many events can I register for? Nevermind, I’ll sign up for all the freestyle events since there aren’t many.”

As she spoke, Yun Hua ticked all the freestyle events!

Xiao Ru Yue had an unpleasant expression, “Hua Hua, the swimming events aren’t compulsory. No one has signed up for the 1500m and 3000m event and every class has to send at least one person…”


“I’ll enter the 3000m event.” Class Chairperson Li Si Xian suddenly spoke up.

Looking at Li Si Xian, Yun Hua found it a little hard to speak.

Li Si Xian is one of those famous muggers. She does not talk much and has a good family background. Her father is the head of the Ministry of Education. However, Li Si Xian has never pushed her family status around. She does not interact much with Yun Hua and has never bullied Yun Hua.

However, something happened to Li Si Xian in the 2nd Semester of the 8th grade.


Yun Hua stopped her drifting thoughts and nodded, “I’ll enter the 1500m event then.”

“Thank you Hua Hua, you’re the best!” Xiao Ru Yue hugged Yun Hua excitedly and turned to look at He Yu Xiang, “Alright, we’ve solved the greatest problem us girls face so the rest would be a piece of cake.”

He Yu Xiang’s eyes were filled with passion as he looked at Xiao Ru Yue, “Thanks for the help.”

Yun Hua wanted to vomit at the sight.

Hmph, the 1500m event was dealt with by her, the 3000m event by Li Si Xian and Xiao Ru Yue became a hero for volunteering for the 800m event.


Naturally, Yun Hua could not be bothered to speak her mind.

Yun Hua had not intended on staying back to night study but Xiao Ru Yue forced everyone to stay, saying that it was for a class meeting.

Yun Hua was feeling extremely bored and laid on her table, thinking about the name and summary of her novel.


The moment Xiao Ru Yue dismissed the class, Yun Hua grabbed the thing and rushed off, pretending not to her Xiao Ru Yue call for her.

That boring class meeting would only waste her time!

Yun Hua ran back home along the familiar route, partially treating it as training for her body.

From the school gate, past the snack street, then through an alleyway, in about 200-300m more, she’ll reach the back gate of her house.


As she reached the middle of the alleyway, she came to a stop.

There was someone there!

Her hair was standing on end. She reached towards her back and took out the metal pipe. She turned and swung it towards the person who was charging towards her!

However, the person’s movement was faster and caught the metal pipe. No matter how she struggled, she could not get away!


“Little brat, you have a pretty good sense of alert!”


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