Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 81]


Turns out, Yun Hua’s guess was wrong.

Xiao Ru Yue even had Qi Zi Heng’s phone number and texted him regularly.

“Qi senpai, Hua Hua threw away the stuff you send her again. I’ve already tried convincing her so many times but she still insisted on throwing it away. Those were clearly things that she liked so why throw them away? What a waste.”

“Qi senpai, Hua Hua seems to already have a boyfriend, she’d leave immediately after school and my mom once saw her going to the microdistrict of high end villas…”


Yun Hua was lazy to bother with Xiao Ru Yue’s moves.

Tomorrow was the sports meet!

Originally, the shorter runs would take place on the first day, then the longer runs would take place on the second day with the swimming events happening on the third day as they were add ons.

However, the Ministry of Education suddenly requested the schools to promote swimming as an exercise and encouraged students to learn swimming and life saving skills.

The city also repeated the request to the various schools to emphasise on the message.

After some consideration, Nan Xi Middle School’s leadership decided to shift the swimming competition forward to the second day and shift activities like shot put and long jump to the third day.

The opening ceremony was held in the morning and in the afternoon were the short run events.

Long run events were held on the second day morning and the swimming events held on in the afternoon of the second day.

Yun Hua was at a bit of a loss. She had the 1500m long run event in the morning and the swimming competitions?

However, Yun Hua believed that she could do it!

On the second day’s morning, Yun Hua prepared her swimsuit, swimming cap, towel, bottles, chocolates and other necessities into a backpack before heading to school.

She had just entered the school and met the Han Luo Luo who had been absent from school for some time.

In the few days that she was gone, Han Luo Luo’s look had changed a lot.

Her gaze turned dark and cold after seeing Yun Hua. As she walked past Yun Hua, she even bumped into her. However, she remained silent throughout.

Yun Hua frowned, having no clue as to what was happening.

The swimming competition only started in the afternoon so Yun Hua kept her bag in the classroom locked in her desk drawer.

The long run competition started at 9:30am.

First was the men’s 800m race.

A boy from their class who played basketball regularly won third place.

Next up was the women’s 800m race.

Xiao Ru Yue wore an Adidas branded sports attire, appearing delicate and weak, standing up among the group of girls!

At first, Xiao Ru Yue was still at the front of the group but after 300 meters, she slowed down and the other competitors passed her one by one…

She still had 500 more meters to go when the other competitors were more or less at the finishing line. Xiao Ru Yue could not find any more energy to continue, her face red as she teared up.

“Ah!” Xiao Ru Yue fell onto the ground.

The fall rubbed off a layer of skin on her knee and bright red blood came flowing out.

Xiao Ru Yue remained crouching on the ground for a long while without standing up. He Yu Xiang who was preparing for the upcoming 1500m event quickly came over to support Xiao Ru Yue, “Yue Yue are you alright? Can you stand up? Let’s resign.”

Xiao Ru Yue was already in tears but she insisted, “No, I’ll make it to the finish line even if I have to crawl.”

He Yu Xiang was moved by her perseverance.

Yun Hua stood at the side of the track and sneered. 

He Yu Xiang stared daggers at her.

Under He Yu Xiang’s support, Xiao Ru Yue finally made it to the finishing line in the last position!

Immediately after was the 1500m race.

The 1500m and 3000m race were both conducted with participants of mixed gender to save time. Unlike the shorter events, the 1500m and 300m had no rules against temporarily switching tracks.

Xiao Ru Yue quickly send He Yu Xiang off, “Faster go get ready, the referee is already calling for participants!”

He Yu Xiang was still worried, “Will you be fine alone? I’ll bring you to the infirmary to treat your wound when I’m done with my race.”

“There’s no need for that, I’m fine.” Xiao Ru Yue quickly said. She then continued pitifully, “Hua Hua is also in the 1500m race, help me take care of her, don’t let her get injured!” 

He Yu Xiang’s eyes narrowed into two slits.


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 81]

  1. “Xiao Ru Yue wore an Adidas branded sports attire, appearing delicate and weak, standing up among the group of girls!”
    Is this supposed to be a message to women to stop wearing Adidas?

    And what’s with that drama of hers? How is the hell is that idiot buying it?


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