Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 82]


The 1500m had begun.

Yun Hua raced off in the instant the starter gun fired.

Her starting speed was not quick and even placed her last in the group.

There was an athlete among the girls who was pacing the fastest guy.

Yun Hua did not rush and maintained her pace.

Half a lap later, she had already caught up with a few of the girls. A full lap later, she had even caught up with some of the slower boys.

One and a half lap later, there were only 4 boys and 1 girl in front of Yun Hua.

At this moment, in front of Yun Hua were He Yu Xiang and some male athletes as well as that girl.

With only 400 meters left, Yun Hua quickened bit by bit!

200 more meters to go, Yun Hua was neck to neck with He Yu Xiang and the other guy!

Yun Hua continued to speed up.

At this instant, He Yu Xiang stretched out his leg and bumped into the other guy!

Nearing the end of such a long run, a person’s strength would mostly be used up and their body would be barely managing, as a result of being bumped by He Yu Xiang, the guy staggered and crashed into Yun Hua from behind!


Not expecting the sudden force, Yun Hua forward, sliding across the ground for 2 or 3 meters, her knee rubbing against the rough concrete…

Instantly, bright red blood started flowing.


Yun Hua breathed in through gritted teeth.

Even though she was fit, but she also barely hanging on in the last section of the 1500m race!

The impact combined with her own inertia made it seem as if she was flying.

Her knee had rubbed across the ground for over a meter.

A large patch of skin had been completely rubbed off, revealing the white coloured flesh underneath from which bright red blood kept flowing from…

Her wound was similar to the one Xiao Ru Yue received but the size of the wound was at least three times larger and while Xiao Ru Yue had only lost a layer of skin, Yun Hua’s wound was so serious that even flesh had came off!

Such an abrasion would be extremely painful at the moment of injury.

The guy who knocked into her was panicking and quickly came over to support her. He Yu Xiang also came over, acting innocent, “Can you still continue? We’re almost at the finish line!”

Yun Hua glared at He Yu Xiang with an icy stare, “He Yu Xiang, it seems like you’ve completely forgotten about my warning.”

He Yu Xiang put on a look of innocence, “What are you talking about? If you aren’t continuing, I’ll go ahead first, the people behind are almost catching up!”

Yun Hua sneer and got onto her feet and continued running while enduring the pain from her knee.

Bit by bit, the other contestants started to catch up to her.

Luckily, the girls did not have much stamina and Yun Hua still finished in third place!


Upon reaching the finishing line, Xiao Ru Yue quickly came over with a face full of concern.

“Hua Hua, you also got injured? You still have the swimming competition in the afternoon, but this wound… It shouldn’t be in contact with water, what do we do?! What about resigning…”

Before Xiao Ru Yue could finish speaking, Yun Hua glared at her coldly before leaving with an emotionless face.

She went straight to the infirmary and got the doctor to disinfect the wound and wrap it with some gauze. After that, she returned to her classroom. Her wound cannot be allowed to touch water, but there was no waterproof band aid sufficiently big for her to use. She planned to use a plastic bag to wrap around her knee during the swimming competition.

Yun Hua headed back to the classroom while the 3000m race continued on outside.

There was no one in the classroom so she wanted to take the chance to rest for a bit. The pain from her knee was seriously too much for her to bear with.

She gently opened the door…


A basin of ice water fell from above, drenching Yun Hua from head to toe!


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  1. Memory author! Hua was running the 3k.
    Oh well, guess this author is a bit careless, i guess they really they believe what they said about writing cheap webnovels.


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