Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 80]


When Yun Hua returned home at night, Editor Sugar’s messages popped up after she logged onto QQ.

Sugar, “Master Drawing, have you seen the announcement? The technical department has completed the check and your statistics are normal. There were also a few people using alternate accounts to slander you and have been dealt with by the technical department! All these have been announced to the entire site!”

Revived Drawing, “Thank you, I’ll release a bonus chapter today to thank the readers.”

Sugar, “Wow, that’s great! Also, there’s something I want to tell you about. Most works would join the VIP plan after 60k to 70k words, when do you plan to join?”

Revived Drawing, “Probably around 200k words, the readers can enjoy more for free. This book should be at least a million words.”

Sugar, “Wow, that’s great news! I’m looking forward to that! Also, the website wants to interview you, do you have a good photo of you?”

Revived Drawing, “Let’s do the interview on text and leave out the photo.”

Sugar, “Alright, I got it. It’ll send you the questions for the interview. Pass them to me when you’re done and I’ll get it sorted out! Also, did you draw the cover page yourself? It’s beautiful!”


After ending the chat with Sugar, Yun Hua quickly started typing. She had to post an extra chapter today.

But when Yun Hua opened the writer’s dashboard and was stunned by the numbers.

Her work was now in 15,000 collections!

Gosh, even the website’s most popular book was only in 20,000 collections by the time it concluded!

Her book had not even been monetised and it has already been added to 15,000 collections!

Of course, it was not hard to come to the conclusion that this incident of her being slandered and being proven to be innocent served as a sitewide advertisement for her!

Many readers would check out the book due to curiosity and then add it to their collection after finding it to be enjoyable. This was the reason behind the spike in her collection count!

Many readers in the review section were asking for a QQ group but Yun Hua really had no time to manage one so she put it off for now.


The sports meet would arrive soon.

In this period of time, Yun Hua went to the villa to practice and she felt that her condition was great!

Qi Zi Heng did not come to harass her in these few days but he kept sending snacks to her. Today was chocolate and yogurt, the next day would be custom ordered strawberry cake and even things like beef jerky that could not be found on the market or biscuits imported from France.

Each time, Xiao Ru Yue would bring it to Yun Hua and Yun Hua would just chuck it into the bin.

However, Yun Hua turned speechless when Qi Zi Heng kept sending people with another serving of the same thing when she dumps something!

Now the entire school knew that Qi Zi Heng was chasing Yun Hua.

At times, Yun Hua felt like cracking the head of those people open to see if they were filled with mush.

She was only 13, turning 14 in two months, but her body was lacking and was undeveloped. Qi Zi Heng must be crazy to turn down Su He who had good looks, family background and was fully devoted to him to chase after this brat from a rural village.

She really could not figure out what was in the minds of those idiots who were spreading rumors that Qi Zi Heng was “captivated” by her!

“Captivated”? Just sending some snacks meant that he was deeply in love with her? Yun Hua was willing to bet that Qi Zi Heng could just task someone to handle such a commitment. How could he possibly go around personally picking out snacks for Yun Hua?!


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