Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 79]


In the end, Yun Hua did not tell Qi Zi Heng who was the mistress that destroyed her family.

It would be meaningless to tell Qi Zi Heng.

Rather, handling it this way meant that she could enjoy toying with Xiao Ru Yue, savouring her nervous and fearful emotion… It was splendid!

“In this world, there would be those people who enjoy ruining other people’s family.” Qi Zi Heng’s voice was cold, his tone carrying an undisguised hatred.

Xiao Ru Yue’s expression turned even paler, she could not eat any of the dumplings that tasted delicious just a few moments before. 

Qi Zi Heng’s current mother was a step-mother, his father’s first love. Qi Zi Heng’s actual mother was married to his father through an arranged marriage.

Back then, the Qi family was in a dangerous state and through the arranged marriage, using the power of his mother’s family, Qi Zi Heng’s family managed to get by hurdle and even climbing higher up.

However, in a few years, Qi Zi Heng’s father asked Qi Zi Heng’s mother about divorce, saying that he wanted to marry his first love who had been waiting for him all this while…

That person had waited for him for so many years. She watched as he got married and had a child. The first love still would not give up and kept on waiting.

Qi Zi Heng’s dad was touched and fessed up to Qi Zi Heng’s mother. Qi Zi Heng’s mother was already weak and in bad health from giving birth to Qi Zi Heng so such a relevation caused her to fall into depression and then commiting suicide soon after.

Hence, Qi Zi Heng also hated mistresses from the bottom of his heart.

Because of that, Yun Hua could never figure out why the previous Qi Zi Heng would fall to Xiao Ru Yue. After all, Xiao Ru Yue’s identity as an illegitimate daughter would be enough of a reason for Qi Zi Heng to hate her.

In the end, the previous she was still at fault for being an idiot and falling into Xiao Ru Yue’s traps again and again, causing Qi Zi Heng’s impression of her to turn into that of an uncultured village girl!

From Yun Hua’s deductions, Xiao Ru Yue probably cleared her identity early on.

Otherwise, how could he choose Xiao Ru Yue with his hatred for mistresses?


Yun Hua smiled.

She wanted Xiao Ru Yue to know very clearly that even if she did not want Qi Zi Heng, she would not let her have the engagement so easily!

Just like now, Xiao Ru Yue would have to be mindful of Yun Hua’s mood, afraid that Yun Hua would reveal the truth about her identity.

Of course, this was only the start!

After the meal, Qi Zi Heng insisted on sending Yun Hua back to the school.

On the way back, Xiao Ru Yue tried her best to remain inconspicuous, afraid of annoying Yun Hua, causing Yun Hua to reveal everything in front of Qi Zi Heng.

Qi Zi Heng sent Yun Hua to the entrance of the teaching building, “Since you want to be alone for this period of time, I’ll leave you alone. In a few days, how about going to disneyland for a breather?”

“I don’t have time, I have the sports meet to prepare for!” Yun Hua said lightly.

“What about after the sports meet? National day happens to come after.” Qi Zi Heng said gently.

Yun Hua wanted to refuse at first, but after a look at Xiao Ru Yue’s expression, she said with a mild smirk, “We’ll see then, just don’t bother me for now.”

After she finished speaking, Yun Hua headed upstairs without looking back.

Qi Zi Heng remained there, watching her head upstairs. Xiao Ru Yue could not bare to leave, so she also stayed there with her lips pursed, looking at Qi Zi Heng with a gaze of nervousness and desire.

“Qi senpai, Hua Hua has always been capricious, so don’t mind it. I’ll talk to her.” Xiao Ru Yue appeared well-behaved and sensible.

Qi Zi Heng did not even glance at her, his gaze chasing after the distancing Yun Hua. He smiled lightly, “I like her personality, she’s still cute even while she’s being capricious.”

In an instant, Xiao Ru Yue went straight to the verge of crying.


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6 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 79]

  1. One thing I don’t get is why is it that in CH novels, women always become weak and sickly for a long time, if not forever, after giving birth to a child. That’s not how the human body works!


    • I think that’s only novels world not chinase tv shows i guess 🤨 but even novel female lead is weak now se she was weak and stupid in her past life now she wants to fix it


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