Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 78]


The shop was crowded and the dumplings were cooked pot by pot.

There just happened to be enough pots to cook Yun Hua and Qi Zi Heng’s portion so Xiao Ru Yue could only stand there and wait in the queue.

Qi Zi Heng looked at Yun Hua, “Now can you tell me? Why do you hate me so much?”

Yun Hua enjoyed the dumpling slowly. The taste was good and so was the soup.

“Do I need a reason to hate someone?” Yun Hua did not even look at Qi Zi Heng, “If there really had to be a reason, then it’s your family’s riches and status that I have an issue with! Second… You have an annoying face.”

Qi Zi Heng was at a lost for words.

An issue with his family’s riches?

And, Yun Hua was the first person to find an issue with his looks!

“Hua Hua, these are your honest thoughts?” Qi Zi Heng said.

Yun Hua nodded without hesitation and started eating. She really was feeling hungry now.

Qi Zi Heng only looked at her without touching his portion.

Yun Hua smiled lightly, Qi Zi Heng was a picky eater, refusing to eat any vegetable with a weird taste like parsley, celery, carrot and the likes…

Yun Hua liked parsley very much but she never did dare to order dishes with parsley in her previous life with Qi Zi Heng. If she did Qi Zi Heng would look at her with disgust and even leave on the spot…

Hehe, now she could just eat whatever she wanted without a care in the world.

“Look, this is the difference between us. I’m used to eating in such places, as for you… you don’t even have the slightest desire to try it out.” Amused, Yun Hua smiled at Qi Zi Heng, “Qi senpai, we are people from two different worlds, your interest in me can end here.”

Qi Zi Heng’s eyebrows perked up for a moment. He reached out for the spoon and scooped a dumpling into his mouth with a particularly tragic expression…

“Not bad.” Qi Zi Heng said as though his actions proved something.

Yun Hua smiled and remained silent.

Xiao Ru Yue finally came back at last with her own portion, see smiled at Qi Zi Heng, “Senpai, it tastes pretty good right?”

Qi Zi Heng nodded in confusion but he could not force himself to call it “good”.

Xiao Ru Yue ate dignifiedly, her every action radiating manners. On the other end, Yun Hua was eating without a care in the world. She ate quickly, almost wolfing down the food.

Furthermore, Yun Hua picked a middle-sized portion. How could a girl eat so much? Xiao Ru Yue had only ordered a small portion.

The more carefree Yun Hua ate, the more dignified Xiao Ru Yue appeared.

Even though Xiao Ru Yue thought that she was doing so naturally, Yun Hua was well aware of this.

She quickly finished eating her dumplings and even finished most of the soup. She wiped her mouth with a napkin and looked at Qi Zi Heng, “Qi senpai, it’s best if you leave me alone since I’ve been in a bad mood for a while.”

“Bad mood? Why?” Qi Zi Heng quickly asked with a face full of concern.

Yun Hua’s gaze was indifferent and her voice lacked any sign of care, “My mom and dad divorced and my mom has been feeling down so that affected my mood too.”

“Divorce? What happened?” Qi Zi Heng frowned.

Xiao Ru Yue’s face had turned white completely, her fingertips turning white from her forceful grip on the chopsticks, “Hua Hua, why talk about it now…”

Yun Hua smiled lightly and ignored Xiao Ru Yue, she eyed Qi Zi Heng, “A few days ago, my mom got to know that her best friend of over 10 years had long become her husband’s mistress and the mistress’s child is only younger than me by a few months. My dad even said that the mistress was his true love and asked for my mom to give them her blessing…”

Xiao Ru Yue bit down hard on her lips, her face turning ashen.


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