Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 71]


In the afternoon, they headed back for lessons.

As expected, everyone’s attention was focused on Yun Hua like they were looking at a panda!

Yun Hua could not say anything.

Ling Xiao Xiao came back, “Yun Hua, Qi senpai invited you for lunch, why didn’t you go?”

“You can go if you want to.” Yun Hua said without looking up.

Even though there was not much content in junior high, but she had been out of touch for so long that she had to relearn everything.

“Yun Hua, didn’t you say that your engagement with Qi senpai was cancelled? So why is Qi senpai still…”

“Ling Xiao Xiao!” Yun Hua looked at her impatiently, “The engagement has been called off so how do I know what crazy shit is going on in his mind? You can leave now, stop annoying me, we aren’t close.”

Ling Xiao Xiao stomped angrily and snorted, “Hmph, you’re nothing special.”

Then she returned to her seat.

Yun Hua thought that she could finally have a moment of peace but Xiao Ru Yue came over again.

“Hua Hua, Qi senpai asked me to pass this to you.” Xiao Ru Yue’s voice was very gentle, “Qi senpai said that tomorrow is fine if you don’t have time now.”

Xiao Ru Yue placed a wrapped present box on Yun Hua’s table.

Without looking, Yun Hua said, “Take it away.”

“Hua Hua, this is from Qi senpai…”

Yun Hua squinted her eyes and glanced at Xiao Ru Yue. She picked up the box and threw it into the bin in the corner of the classroom!

Xiao Ru Yue’s expression changed for a moment, “Hua Hua, aren’t you going to take a look at it?”

Yun Hua raised her head, “Didn’t you say that that was from Qi Zi Heng? You wouldn’t take it away when I asked you and now you’re stopping me from throwing it away?”

“…” Xiao Ru Yue looked like she was about to cry as if she had been wronged, “Hua Hua, why have you turned so… Harsh? You weren’t like this…”

“Xiao Ru Yue!” Yun Hua had enough of her, “You stole my dad from me, you and your mother destroyed my family then you expect me to be warm and gentle to you? Can you face reality? There’s no way we can be besties so let’s just be stranger and not interfere with each other. I’m begging you!”

Xiao Ru Yue looked at Yun Hua blankly, eyes full of disbelief. After that moment passed, she ran out of the class covering her face.

Yun Hua did not look at her any further but it seemed as if someone went chasing after her but it did not matter, who cares!

As for the present that was thrown into the trash, Xiao Ling Ling was staring intensely at it. Yun Hua might not want it but she definitely did! That was a gift from Qi senpai!


Xiao Ru Yue only returned when class was about to start. She returned to her seat with her eyes read.

After school ended, Yun Hua submitted all her homework to the class representative and left.

She had just entered the field when a basketball flew towards her.

The ball was fast and it was about to hit her head.

Yun Hua’s reaction was extremely fast so she tilted her head and the basketball flew in front of her face, so close that it caused her bangs to move!

Yun Hua was frightened.

If she had not dodged, that basketball would have struck her head!

Even if it did not knock her out, the ball was fast enough to give her concussion!

Full of rage, Yun Hua turned to look at the person who threw the ball!

Of course it was He Yu Xiang!

Yun Hua did not have to ask to tell that He Yu Xiang was taking revenge for Xiao Ru Yue.

“Now you know how fear feels? Did you ever think about how afraid Ru Yue would feel when you bullied her?” He Yu Xiang walked in front of her and spoke coldly..

Her bullying Xiao Ru Yue?

It was so ridiculous that it was funny!


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 71]

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  2. my good sire, are you braindead? how the duck is verbally abusing someone anything similar to giving someone a brain concussion? how the duck is not wanting to deal with someone bullying? your gal wants to be liked by everyone, too bad there are just some witches out there that don’t want to get close to her, is that bullying? that 40% extra muscle, and you can’t even hit a little girl with it, do you want me to take away your little brother? go duck you and your narcissistic self, huh?

    but for real, i check out the latest chapter: chapter 70, and we still got an annoying stepsister (?) and her lover? maaaan, way to talk about extending a migrane.



  3. what!!! why she just ignore his fiance, I understand that she don’t like him. But why can’t she tell him in a polite way. Just says smtg like, ” we already cut ties, so don’t follow me”.
    it made me sad.


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