Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 70]


He had to be an undercover agent!

Yeah, there was a high chance that Chen Shi Ying’s dad was an undercover agent working for the police.

His criminal actions were to gain the trust of the kingpin. His case must have remained confidential for over 10 years since he had been dead while Chen Shi Ying believed that he was away working.

However, Chen Shi Ying only got to learn about the truth 10 years later and then the news of her father’s death followed closely.

An anti-drug hero who died at his post!

Due to Chen Shi Ying’s identity, the media made a great deal out of it until it became viral throughout the nation.

Everyone respected Chen Shi Ying father but who knew how much pain Chen Shi Ying had gone through?

Living through high school, university and even the adult world with the identity of a criminal’s daughter!

At that moment, Yun Hua realised a problem, could the bullying that Chen Shi Ying faced in school be related to her father’s identity of a “criminal”?

Being such an important undercover agent, there was no way that he could reveal anything. In fact, keeping his family in the dark was the best protection for them.

Hence, both Chen Shi Ying and her mother would have believed that he was a criminal.

As for those around Chen Shi Ying, they must have thought so too.

It would be weirder if the daughter of a criminal was not bullied!

Yun Hua was at a loss of what to say.

How could she tell Chen Shi Ying about her predictions?

If she told Chen Shi Ying…

If that secret was leaked, then Chen Shi Ying’s father’s cover would be blown. That would not end well for the Chen family. Either the drug cartel would come looking for revenge or the social justice warriors online would never let it die.

At the same time, did Chen Shi Ying have to carry that identity for ten whole years? That is too cruel! That would cause her irreversible psychological damage and the spark that would lead to her eventual suicide!

Yun Hua had to do something!

“What happened to you?” Chen Shi Ying asked Yun Hua who had an unpleasant look on her face.

Yun Hua’s expression was difficult to describe.

Chen Shi Ying became quiet. From what she saw, Yun Hua’s reaction was normal, anyone who knew that her father was a criminal would stay away from her.

Looking at Chen Shi Ying’s expression, Yun Hua grabbed her by her hand, “Don’t overthink, I don’t mean that. Uncle Chen… Chen Shi Ying, in your eyes, what was uncle Chen like?”

Chen Shi Ying paused for a moment, her face turning even paler.

She shook her head gently, “I’ll never forgive him.”

Yun Hua’s heart thumped and she quickly followed up, “Chen Shi Ying, do you believe in your father? Other people might not believe him, but what about you, do you believe in him?”

Chen Shi Ying frowned and looked at Yun Hua with a slightly puzzled look.

Yun Hua just looked at her with a firm gaze, “Chen Shi Ying, you’re smart, what I want to say is that the entire world can choose to not believe him but ask yourself, you the person who knows him best, is he such a person? Why would he do that? He… Maybe he has a reason for it!”

Chen Shi Ying was stunned.

Yun Hua continued, “Chen Shi Ying, no matter what you are thinking in your heart, no matter what your conclusion is, I know that you are tough enough, I know that you can handle it! You’re uncle Chen’s daughter, the daughter he’s proud of, he believes and trusts that you can handle the pressure!”

Chen Shi Ying’s gaze turned emotional.

Yun Hua said firmly, “Chen Shi Ying, time will give you evidence but before that, you have to believe too!”

You are his pride and you too must be proud of him!


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