Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 72]


Yun Hua was not going to bother trying to reason with someone so brainwashed!

No matter what happened, Xiao Ru Yue would always be right in his eyes!

Yun Hua walked towards He Yu Xiang.

Her face was devoid of any expression.

He Yu Xiang looked down on her as if laughing at her and goading her on.

He did not fear Yun Hua at all.

He believed that girls posed no threat to guys, let alone He Yu Xiang who was 1.7m tall and had plenty of strength from regularly playing basketball.

He did not think that Yun Hua could threaten his safety at all.

Yun Hua walked in front of He Yu Xiang and before He Yu Xiang could react, Yun Hua raised her leg and kicked He Yu Xiang between his legs…


In an instant, He Yu Xiang who was standing high just a few seconds ago had bent over and staggering while holding his crotch before he toppled over on the ground.


It was so painful that He Yu Xiang turned pale and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Yun Hua was still unsatisfied. She stepped up to He Yu Xiang again. With an emotionless face, she stomped down towards He Yu Xiang’s lethal weak spot!

Even though He Yu Xiang was covering himself with his hands, the pain still pierced through, leaving him weak and unable to stand up.

When he saw Yun Hua’s leg stomping downwards, his eyes widened in sheer terror!

Now you understand what pain is?

Yun Hua’s leg stopped 10 cm away from impact. She revealed an angel-like smile and asked, “Want to go again?”

He Yu Xiang’s heart hung in suspense, deeply afraid that Yun Hua’s leg would continue on down, he shook his head violently, gritting his teeth, unable to speak as he had yet to recover from the pain.

Yun Hua stared at him then placed her leg down.

He Yu Xiang sighed in relief.

But Yun Hua quickly returned with the basketball and mercilessly dunked it on He Yu Xiang’s face!

He Yu Xiang’s face started bleeding in an instant.

Yun Hua squatted down and smiled gently at He Yu Xiang, “Now you know how it feels to be hit with a basketball? He Yu Xiang, the matter between Xiao Ru Yue and me has nothing to do with you. You can stand up for her… But don’t blame me if I return the favour an eye for an eye!

Yun Hua stood up and dusted off her hands then left the “crime scene” with a hmph.


From the school, Yun Hua got onto a tricycle and headed to the address Bao Si Qing gave her.

“Little girl, are you sure about the address?” The driver of the tricycle asked.

Yun Hua confirmed, “I’m sure, why?”

The driver clicked his tongue, “What are you going to do there? Everyone living there is rich, I heard that a villa there would cost at least a few tens of millions of dollars!”

“Oh, I’m looking for someone.”


The driver sent her to the entrance of the cluster of villas and stopped, “I’m sorry kid, they won’t let me enter.”

“It’s alright, thank you.” Yun Hua paid and walked towards the guard post.

“Hi, I want to go to A8-1.” Yun Hua said.

“Sorry, we have to contact the owners.” The guard replied.

Yun Hua nodded and waited quietly.

The phone call got through in no time and Yun Hua received the phone from the guard, “Hi, is this the caretaker Mr Lin? I’m Yun Hua… Mm, alright, thank you!”

Very quickly, the guard drove her to the villa on a shuttle bus.

When she saw the big and clean swimming pool, Yun Hua’s mood brightened up in an instant!


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4 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 72]

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  2. I read this in just 3 hours, all 72 chapters and going raw. Thank you so much for making it available in English so we could read it and exposing this beautiful novel to us:)


  3. She’s right there’s no reasoning with him he’s blind, and had it coming. A truly refreshing chapter . She beat him up and the pool scene, I could imagine it and wanna take a swim . Thanks for your work translator.


  4. I’ve been hit with a basketball in the head before. I can safely say I didn’t bleed or get a concussion, so please don’t exaggerate this shit…


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