Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 44]


Dinner was sumptuous and was enjoyed by mother and daughter, as per usual.

Yun Hua quickly finished her dinner and said to her mother, Jiang Yan Qing, “Mom, I’ll head out early tomorrow and be back by 5 or 6. Don’t worry about me and go find Aunt Xiao. It’s Sunday so she should be at home.”

“What are you worried about?” Jiang Yan Qing smiled helplessly.

Yun Hua smiled too, “You should go out more often. You’ll get depressed from staying home too often!”

“Alright, I’ll listen to you. Be careful when you go to the swimming pool, don’t go to the deep end!”

“Don’t worry, nothing has even happened during the countless times when I played in the rivers. The swimming pool is 1.5m at its deepest, it’ll be fine!”

Yun Hua continued, “Oh yeah, I’ll be using the computer to search for some stuff.”

“Alright. Don’t take too long or spoil anything.”

“I know!”

Yun Hua ran to the study.

Originally, her family did not have a computer but Yun Cong Jun got an extra set when Xiao Qiu Ci bought a computer for Xiao Ru Yue during Spring Festival. Supposedly it was for Yun Hua but the reality was that Yun Hua barely got any chances to use it as Yun Cong Jun would say that Yun Hua would not know how to use it and would only spoil it!

Actually, both computers were bought by Yun Cong Jun. He simply both two computers to cover his tracks.

Yun Hua could not be bothered with such things already.

She quickly turned on the computer.

The computers in 2006 were incomparable in every aspect to the computers of 10 years later.

However, this was not important to Yun Hua. The important thing was that she decided to start her author account and start publishing!

At this time, novel sites with the VIP system had only been established for 2-3 years and most people did not know about web novels, let along that they can earn from it.

The largest novel site, which was also the pioneer of the VIP system for novels, targeting male readers, was called Qidian.

The one targeting female readers was Penguin Books. These two companies would merge 8 years later to become the largest website for novel hosting.

Yun Hua was registering as an author on Penguin Books.

The registration process was simple, they can apply with a simple click using their QQ account.

The first step was to come up with a pen name.

Yun Hua was at a slight loss. She had finished the book name, the summary and the beginning, but forgot about the pen name!

Her last pen name was “No Regrets”.

This time…

She did not want to go by that pen name again!

How could she not regret?

She thought for a long time before deciding on “Revived Drawing”.

It was both a play on her and as well as implying that she wanted to control and draw out her path in this dreamlike second life!

Then she filled out the other particulars required.

Submitting the application, then a message popped out.

“Congratulation on being a Penguin Books Writer, would you like to start writing?”

Clicking yes, she entered the page for the creation of a new book.

Yun Hua felt a little emotional.

After selecting the book name, genre and typing out the summary, she had successfully created her new book!

The web page suggested uploading her first chapter, saying that series would be verified after 2000 words.

Yun Hua had not even started writing!

She closed the web page and opened a Word document and typed out the 3 chapters she had ready. After ensuring that there were no errors, then started to upload the chapters.

Chapter 1: Time travel back to the Qing Dynasty

Chapter 2: I became part of Qian Long’s family

Chapter 3: Saving Yong Zheng

Clicking upload, Yun Hua felt relieved.

The first step has been completed.

It does not matter if this life was real or not, she wanted to obtain a splendid life for herself!

And that would start now!


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3 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 44]

  1. So I re-read this chapter after reading the latest chapters.
    The pen name she decided to used in this chapter is revived drawing,
    But in the latest chapter, it changed to no regrets.
    So which one is the correct pen name??


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