Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 45]


At the moment, those who did not specialise in using computers would be typing with one finger.

However, Yun Hua had already written lots of novels in her past life so she was familiar with the keyboard and could type blindly.

She could easily type 6000-7000 words an hour.

In this series, [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace], she had already settled the character design, general plotline and even finished the plotline in detail for the front part. Hence, there were no blocks and she progressed quickly!

Furthermore, she felt an extreme drive from the depths of her heart as she finally got back to writing after what felt like eternity.

Even though her fingers were a little stiff and she had to get used to the unfamiliar keyboard, she still had some muscle memory!

Just like this, 3 hours had gone by.

Other than the 3 chapters that she published, she had typed up 3 more chapters. She planned to publish a chapter a day for the next few days.

The book had not been approved and Yun Hua could not be bothered to look too much as she knew that her book would definitely be a hit!

After all, it was 2006 and such an idea was still fresh. In fact, this novel would come out before come out before a certain popular and famous novel of the same genre!

How could it possibly not be fresh?

Yun Hua setted up publishing schedules for the other 3 chapters

This way, she did not have to use the computer every day. In the next few days, she could write out the detailed plotlines on a paper and then quickly type out the stories when Yun Cong Jun was not at home!

“Hua Hua, it’s past 10 already, stop playing and go to sleep.”  Jiang Huan Qing pushed open the door and entered the room.

Yun Hua quickly closed the webpage, “Ok, I was about to turn the computer off.”

“You don’t know when to stop. Stop playing so much, your dad won’t be happy if he finds out.” chided Jiang Huan Qing.

Yun Hua interrupted, “Mom, can you not take your focus off dad for a moment? You should have your own life too. Don’t you feel frustrated from away staying at home to do household chores and preparing meals?”

Jiang Huan Qing was silent.

Of course she would feel frustrated.

She took great care of her husband and daughter, but she did not know what to do with the remaining time that she had.

She could be like other women and find a job, but she had no education.

Jiang Huan Qing felt a little down from this.

Yun Hua did not say anything to consulate her. Sometimes, it is better for her mom to think more.

Saturday morning came.

Yun Hua woke up at 5am as per usual.

She ran while memorising words and then had breakfast.

The swimming pool would only open at 9:30am.

She used this bit of time and brought her mom’s identity card to the band and registered for a bank card.

In 2006, the banks were not so strict on the issuing of bank cards, many bank clerks also had the job of issuing bank cards, so it was possible to get a card issued without going in person.

Yun Hua was too young at age 13 and did not even have her own identifications so the bank would definitely not issue a card to her. She had no intention to create her own card either and had just planned to get a card issued under her mom’s identity so that she can sign the contract with the website.

As expected, the clerk only asked a few questions before issuing Yun Hua a card.

With the issuing of the card done, Yun Hua could rest easy.

At 9+, the swimming pool opened.

At this time of the year, there were few people at the pool. The price was not expensive so Yun Hua got a ticket for 100 yuan that allowed her 6 entries.

Entering the swimming pool, there was no doubt that she was the first!


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