Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 43]


Yun Hua looked on wide-eyed.

The chokingly thick smell of low quality perfume caused Yun Hua to cover her nose and Qi Zi Heng, who was hooked by the neck, had an extreme frown on his face.

The woman was clearly a prostitute.

The words of the woman was even more discomfort inducing…

Last night… All sorts of tricks… Premature ejaculation…

“What are you talking about? You crazy psycho bitch!” Angrily, Su He slammed the table, stood up and dragged the woman off Qi Zi Heng before pushing her away.

The whore sneered, “Little girl, we’re both conducting business. You’re younger and better looking than me and can coax the customer into bringing you out on a date but you shouldn’t look down on us who specialise in service in bed. What do you know about servicing a man in bed?”

Su He was going crazy from anger.

This whore called her a little girl and said they were both conducting business… This was simply dragging Su He onto the level of a prostitute…

She was from the esteemed Su family but seen as a prostitute?

However, the whore was not done speaking.

She looked Su He up and down, “Are you selling him your virginity? You’d fetch a high price but it’ll be a waste to sell it to him. At best, he lasts 3 minutes. At worst, forgot having sex, he can’t even get it on.”

The whore smiled and hooked Qi Zi Heng by the neck again, “Dear, it took so much effort from me to help you get from a minute to three, even if you wanted to change a person, you should find someone mature like me. This little girl lacks experience, if she can’t serve you well… Then all our effort from before would have been wasted. It’ll be a real shame if it went back to being limp like a pathetic slug…”

“What are you talking about!” Qi Zi Heng’s patience was at his limit.

A man can take any sort of criticism other than this sort. Even if Qi Zi Heng had just become a grown man, he would not allow anyone to mock him in this regard!

Yun Hua coughed lightly, “You guys enjoy, I’ll take my leave.”

Finishing, Yun Hua left without waiting for Qi Zi Heng or Su He to respond.

Standing outside the cafe, Yun Hua looked around.

While others might not know it, there was no way Yun Hua would not know.

While Qi Zi Heng might look weak but he plays basketball regularly and is pretty fit, and…

Well, in that aspect, Qi Zi Heng was… Not bad… Definitely not on the level of only 3 minutes.

The whore was definitely sent to embarrass Qi Zi Heng. Otherwise, who would talk about someone having premature ejaculation in public?

Additionally, prostitutes are not shameless like most people would imagine. Some might be in it due to certain circumstances but they are people and they do have a sense of shame. They would not go around announcing their identity in public.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and thought about who would send that woman to embarrass Qi Zi Heng.

Opposite the cafe, in the bus stop, an old man in a wheelchair slowly turned his wheelchair around and moved to the back of the bus stop.

Back home, Yun Hua’s mother was keeping the blankets away.

Yun Hua stood in front of the stairs, hesitating for a bit and could not help but head into the attic to take a look.

Naturally, that person would not appear.

Yun Hua hmphed. Why would he come back if he would not even give his thanks for getting rescued?


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