Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 42]


Su He was still suspicious.

She looked at Yun Hua, “What about you? You’re willing to give up the engagement? If you married Qi Zi Heng, it’ll give you a huge boost to your reputation and so many other things!”
Yun Hua smiled, “Su He, I might be young but I’ve stopped dreaming a long time ago. If I’d want to be a great person, it’ll be through my abilities not through someone else’s abilities!”

Su He frowned.

Again, Yun Hua smiled lightly, “I’m used to being taken lightly. I might not be borned into an impressive family but I have my own pride and perseverance. One day, I want to be respected and admired. Naturally, respected and admired because of who I am and not because I’m some guy’s accessory!”

Su He was surprised, “That’s… pretty ambitious.”

“I know you don’t believe me but it’s doesn’t matter, it’s fine as long as I believe it. Last but not least!” Yun Hua smiled lightly before continuing, “I swear, if my thoughts of Qi Zi Heng ever changes, let misfortune follow my every action and may I continue to suffer even after death!”

Yun Hua firmly spat each word out.

Su He was dumbfound.

Even Qi Zi Heng was looking at Yun Hua with a face of disbelief.

Su He bit down on her lips and stared at Yun Hua weirdly before stuttering, “You… You…”
“That’s right, I’m cursing myself.” Yun Hua smiled, “So can you believe that I don’t want to go ahead with the engagement?”

Su He… Believed her.

Who would be so mental to curse themselves like so?

Gosh, it was too harsh!

Qi Zi Heng laughed awkwardly, “Your name is Yun Hua right? Do you know me? Or do you

have some grudge against me? Or am I so unbearable that you would curse yourself in such a manner?”

Yun Hua just smiled, “I just want to tell you two that I have never seeked the engagement nor Qi Zi Heng, and this will definitely remain this way in the future! So please remember that curse of mine, no matter what, just think of it!”

“What do you mean?” Su He frowned.

Yun Hua shook her head, “It’s simple. I really don’t have any intentions regarding Qi Zi Heng. That said, I do have that engagement with him, so please, no matter what kind of rumors start floating around about me liking Qi Zi Heng, please recall me cursing myself! Don’t disturb me for something like that, it’s annoying.”

Both Su He and Qi Zi Heng were silent.

At least, Su He looked Yun Hua in the eyes and said, “Alright, I believe you.”

Yun Hua snapped her finger, “Great! Then, my goal for today has been achieved…”

Yun Hua had not finish speaking before being interrupted by a flirtatious voice.

“Darling, was my performance last night not good enough? Why did you find another woman so quickly?” A woman wearing a tight sheath dress with thick makeup walked over and started hugging Qi Zi Heng, “Were the tricks that we tried not exciting enough for you? Premature ejaculation isn’t something that can be fixed immediately. Though you could only last a minute at first but couldn’t you hold back for 3 minutes after we tried something new? Let’s continue trying today, you’ll definitely be… Rock. Hard.”

Qi Zi Heng’s face had turned pale!


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