Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 41]


Looking at Su He, Yun Hua did not know what to say.

She fought tooth and nail with her in the last life but now she felt sorry for her.

Su He’s personality made her easy to read.

Qi Zi Heng used this personality of Su He to give her false hope and watched as she dug her own grave.

Yun Hua could not understand why Qi Zi Heng would treat Su He in such a cruel manner.

Su He was willing to do anything for him, even to the extent of betraying her own family.
If he did not love her, why not just put an end to her false hope and let her go?

It was precisely because of this that Yun Hua could not get angry at Su He.

In fact, she felt pity for Su He.

While Yun Hua had the chance to be reborn, what about Su He?

Su He who was so madly in love that she would even die for him…


At the same time, in the bus stop opposite the cafe, a wheelchair bound man who was looking

at the transportation map pressed down on his ear and said in a low voice, “Listen to what the table behind you guys are talking about!”

In the cafe.

In the table behind Yun Hua, sat a couple. The guy coughed and tapped on his watch and said quietly, “What’s the matter boss, they aren’t the target?”

“Shut up and listen to orders!”

“I’ve heard all of it, it’s just 2 girls fighting over a guy. Sigh, those rich guys get all the luck with the ladies. Boss, you got anything to say about their taste? Clearly men like us who are overloaded with hormones are superior to those weaklings. Bet they can’t last long in bed anyways!”

“Shut up!” The wheelchair bound guy retorted and hanged up.

He gently tapped his finger on the armrest of the wheelchair. After a short moment, he made another call.

Back in the cafe.

Yun Hua looked indifferently at Qi Zi Heng, “Don’t think too much, even if you wanted to go ahead with it, I don’t.”

Hearing this, not only Qi Zi Heng, even Su He’s face of rage turned into a face of surprise.

Yun Hua said lightly, “From young, me and my mom lived in a village. We live completely different lives. I also just found out about this engagement and I don’t think there’s a need for it! Just as Su He said, engagements are outdated. If the Qi family is just doing so to show their gratitude to my grandfather, there are many other ways!”

Su He’s eyes lit up, “You really think so?”

She could not believe it. After all, how could any girl not like someone as handsome and

talented as Qi Zi Heng?

Most girls would be full of excitement if they knew that they are engaged to Qi Zi Heng!

“Would the Qi family want to be associated with the Yun family? I don’t care about the rest, but this engagement can happen between anyone but me.” Yun Hua said bluntly.

“Then why don’t you go call off the engagement?” Su He asked

Yun Hua look at Su He with a hint of a smile, “See it from this point. Who would give up an engagement with the Qi family? As for me, my opinions carry no weight.”

Su He understood Yun Hua’s meaning immediately.

Yun Hua wants to call it off but her family do not want to do so!

It makes sense, any other family would do the same!


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