Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 40]


The previous Yun Hua hated Su He’s guts.

To Yun Hua, she felt that Su He received all of heaven’s blessings.

Being born in a rich family, a childhood friend of Qi Zi Heng and not getting on Qi Zi Heng’s bad side despite taking the spot by his side and not allowing any other girl to come close!

Furthermore, Su He had great looks, a great figure and jealousy-inducing skills at traditional dance.

The most important point being her personality.

As long as it was about something that did not concern Qi Zi Heng, Su He would be incredibly ladylike but that would disappear the moment Qi Zi Heng was involved.

Moreover, Su He was not like Xiao Ru Yue, acting innocent around everyone. Su He had no intentions of hiding her claim over Qi Zi Heng.

Even if it was right in front of Qi Zi Heng, Su He would not hesitate or pretend.

Like right now, Su He held tightly onto Qi Zi Heng’s arm, glaring at Yun Hua with a face of alertness.

Qi Zi Heng was still smiling gently but any trace of Su He’s peaceful personality had disappeared, she looked as if she was trying to kill Yun Hua with her glare.

“What were you thinking, trying to enter the Qi Family without even considering if you’re worthy!”

Su He said that right in from of Qi Zi Heng, not holding back at all.

Qi Zi Heng did not seem to take any offence from this.

The previous Yun Hua hated this.

She found it really unfair that she had to be perfect in front of Qi Zi Heng and would receive that look of disappointment while Su He could do whatever she wanted to do without any fear of reprimand!

However, the current Yun Hua actually sightly enjoyed Su He’s personality.

Compared to a backstabber like Xiao Ru Yue, it was much better to deal with a person like Su He who would face off with you!

At least, you would not have to worry about getting backstabbed when dealing with Su He.

Yun Hua laughed, “About whether there is or isn’t an engagement, you should ask Qi Zi Heng as he should know very clearly.”

Su He bit her lips and turned to look at Qi Zi Heng with a look of unease.

Qi Zi Heng patted her hand and looked at Yun Hua again, “I do know about the engagement. Grandfather Yun saved my grandfather and this engagement was set by them.”

“So, do you intend to go ahead with the engagement?” Yun Hua was unceremonious and went straight to the point.

“Of course not!” Su He interrupted angrily before Qi Zi Heng could begin to speak, “Who knows how long ago that was from. Engagements are outdated! Zi Heng would never go ahead with such a stupid engagement, right Zi Heng?”

Yun Hua smiled but did not speak.

Qi Zi Heng was somewhat helpless as he pinched Su He’s face, “Don’t be angry. It isn’t as simple as you think. But…”

Qi Zi Heng turned back to look at Yun Hua and asked with a smile, “How old are you? 12? 13? Aren’t you a little young to be worried about an engagement?”

Yun Hua pursed her lips.

The current her still had some baby fats. Sure, she was pretty but that bit of baby fats gave her a slightly childish look which could not be compared to Su He whose beauty was known on a national level.

It could not be helped, her 13 year old self would naturally not be able to compete with the 18 year old Su He who danced from young!

Su He was also stunned. She widened her eyes as she looked at Yun Hua, “You’re just 10+ years old, far from Zi Heng’s age, you can’t match up to him! You should just give up!”


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