Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 39]


“You are?”

Qi Zi Heng tilted his head slightly and asked warming, “Do we know each other?”

It has to be said that Qi Zi Heng’s looks were perfect for his dishonest nature, after all, humans are visual creatures and would be more lenient and patient with a person with good looks.

In a few years, the sentence “looks decides one’s fate” would become trendy.


Yun Hua let out a laugh.

“I’m Yun Hua and I’m engaged to you.” Yun Hua said with a very peaceful tone.

There was no anticipation, no surprise, no shame and no anger…


At that moment, both Qi Zi Heng and Su He could not find the right description for Yun Hua’s attitude.

It was as if she was simply stating a fact.

Qi Zi Heng was at a loss for how to respond as he paused for a moment.


On the other hand, Su He’s expression changed immediately. She stared at Yun Hua coldly, “Little girl, stop daydreaming!”

This was Su He’s nature. She was a beautiful and gentle lady when dealing with matters unrelated to Qi Zi Heng.

But her personality would take a sharp turn as long as Qi Zi Heng was involved, almost as if she had received a buff!


Yun Hua did not get angry over Su He’s bad attitude.

She just smiled lightly and said with the same calm tone and gaze, “Whether that’s just a daydream or not, you can ask Qi Zi Heng.”


Immediately, Su He turned to look at Qi Zi Heng.

Originally, she did not believe Yun Hua’s words and found it funny. Of all the girls who came up to Qi Zi Heng, this was the first one to start off by claiming engagement, it sounded completely delusional!

However, her firm tone made Su He feel doubtful and less certain that it was simply a delusion.

“Zi Heng, let’s go, don’t bother with her nonsense, she’s crazy.” Su He linked arms with Qi Zi Heng and started dragging him away.

Qi Zi Heng patted Su He’s hand held his gentle gaze towards Yun Hua, “You’re… granddaughter of grandfather Yun, what did you say your name was?”

“That’s not important.” Yun Hua laughed, “Are we willing get engaged to me?”

“…” Qi Zi Heng paused, probably due to the unexpected directness.


Beside him, Su He’s facial expression had changed completely.

The fact that Qi Zi Heng did not refute that immediately means that… It means that whatever this Yun Hua girl had said were all true!

They really had an engagement?

How could this be!

Qi Zi Heng is hers! No one else will be allowed to even come close!

She had defended his place for so many years, chasing away all the girls who tried to come close and killed any other possible competitors but…

Despite all her years of effort, how did Qi Zi Heng get an engagement out of the blue?

Su He could not neither believe it nor would she accept it.


“Are you willing?” Yun Hua pressured.

After overcoming the initial surprise, Qi Zi Heng continued while smiling, “I know about the engagement. How about we find a place and talk about it over a drink?”

The three of them left the supermarket, in fact, Qi Zi Heng offered to pay for Yun Hua when Yun Hua was settling the bill but Yun Hua refused.


The exchange stunned Ling Xiao Xiao.


This was actually real?

Yun Hua and Qi senpai had an engagement?

At least Qi senpai did not deny it!

She was lost for words!

This information threw her into confusion!

She had always thought that Yun Hua was being delusional but who knew that it would turn out to be real?

It was just too shocking!


In the coffee shop opposite the supermarket, in a seat beside the window, Su He and Qi Zi Heng sat together with Yun Hua sitting opposite them…


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  2. ‘She had defended his place for so many years, chasing away all the girls who tried to come close and killed any other possible competitors ‘……what the…this Su He girl woah


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