Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 36]


Yun Hua kept reminding herself that she was only rescuing someone. That’s right, she was only rescuing someone!

But… While she could control her eyes, she could not control her hands…

While she would not see anything with her eyes shut, the sensations from her hands would definitely be real.

The worst part was the fact that closing her eyes and cutting off her vision caused her to… Misplace her hands…


Yun Hua was on the verge of tears.

By the time she was done wiping him down and applying the alcohol, she looked as if she had gone through a war!

She was completely exhausted!


Still, she quickly retrieved the two towels from the fridge. The towels were cold but not frozen, which was perfect as it would damage his skin if it was frozen.

She placed the cold towel on his forehead and look at the time. If the fever has not gone down after an hour, he would have to take another pill of Panadol.

Yun Hua could not be bothered to return to her room so she just sat on the floor and leaned on a box to rest.

Except, she fell asleep by accident.

By the time she woke up, she was momentarily at a loss about what was going on.

She rubbed her eyes and came to realise that the attic was empty!

The Bao Si Qing who was still delirious from the fever just a while ago had already disappeared.

Covering her body was the thin blanket that she gave him to use, what was gone was the pink towel that she used to cool him down with.

Yun Hua was at a loss for words.

She could only find one new towel and she did not dare to use her parents’ towels for the fear of getting found out, so she could only use her pink towel.

In the end, he did not take anything but that towel!

Her towel!


Yun Hua gritted her teeth. This guy just left when he felt like it and did not even bother saying a farewell. He did not even bother giving his thanks to her for saving him, giving him somewhere to stay for a few days and even dealing with his wounds.

Yun Hua pouted and left after packing up. quietly after packing up the attic.

Deep down in her heart, she understood that his identity was unique and he must have had something urgent to attend to if he was to left like this…


But he could still say a word of thanks before leaving!



Yun Hua had a downcast face for the entire day due to her ruined mood. This led Xiao Ru Yue to come and check on her many times, constantly assuring her that she would not seduce Qi Zi Heng.

Yun Hua was already sick of hearing such words. The reason she would not seduce Qi Zi Heng was due to her absolute confidence in Qi Zi Heng picking her over Yun Hua.

Tomorrow would be Saturday and she was heading to the swimming pool and that was all that was in her mind for now.

In this life, she would definitely not allow anyone to ruin her dream of swimming!

After school dismissal, Yun Hua went to buy a swimsuit.


The swimsuit for a competition would naturally be different from the swimsuit one would wear to the beach but Yun Hua had other considerations too.

The Jiang Xi City of 2006 was still very conservation, the one piece competition swimsuit that would reveal one’s behind would be too exposing for a little girl to wear.

Yun Hua chose a normal one-piece swimsuit with a short shirt at the bottom, just enough to cover her behind.

This kind of swimsuit would increase the resistance of the water, reducing the competitor’s speed and was naturally not suitable for a formal swimming competition.

However, Yun Hua was only competing against students in her school. If such a little handicap would cause her to fail, then she might as well give up on her dreams of becoming a swimming athlete!


After picking out a swimming cap and a big towel, Yun Hua went to pay for the items.

There, she bumped into Qi Zi Heng before the checkout counter.


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