Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 35]


Yun Hua gritted her teeth.

He would be in more pain if she hesitates and was slow with her actions.

As such, the best way forward would be to focus her mind and treat his wound with speed and accuracy!


In her previous life, she had gone through many hurdles before the head of the hospital would allow her to take care of her paralysed and dying mother. Back then, she was the one who treated all the wounds and rotten flesh on her mother.

However, her mother had no sense by that point and there was no reaction no matter how she cleaned the wounds!

She knew that her mother was no in pain so she did not hesitate much in her actions.

However, the current Bao Si Qing was different. Yet, she would only be causing more suffering if she continued hesitating.


Yun Hua held her breath and her expression showed determination. She gritted her teeth and started moving, not thinking about whether Bao Si Qing would or would not feel pain!

How could it not hurt?

Bao Si Qing’s shirt was already drenched in the sweat caused by his pain.

However, his focus was on the girl in front of him rather than the pain.

How could a little girl be able to show such an expression?

To the average person, such a wound would be terrifying to look at, let alone operate on. Sure, her first reaction was to look away but she adjusted very quickly and was now able to treat the same wound with such steadiness.

Bao Si Qing was started to feel more and more interested in Yun Hua.


“Can you check if it’s alright?” Due to the intense concentration, Yun Hua’s forehead had beads of sweat too.

Bao Si Qing looked at the wound in detail before nodding, “That’s fine. Now, pour the alcohol on it.”

Yun Hua’s fist clenched even harder.

Pouring alcohol directly on such a wound…

That could cause someone to faint for the pain!

The pain in that instant could cause someone’s heart to spasm!


“Don’t worry, come on.” Bao Si Qing was still smiling.

Yun Hua’s hand trembled for a moment but she still applied the alcohol using a cotton swab in the end!


When the alcohol touched his wound, Yun Hua could clearly see the muscle on his chest contract, she could clearly see his fist clench tighter, she could clearly see the veins on his arms bulge and his two legs stiffen straight.

The beads of sweat on his forehead rolled down his head in streams and his eyes turned bloodshot.

Yet, he refused to let out the slightest bit of sound.


Yun Hua took another deep breath and used hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the skin around the area and poured the contents of another amoxicillin capsule on it.

Next up was the Yun Nan Bai Yao.

Then, took a piece of gauze, which was originally too small to completely cover the would, and spread it.

After that, Yun Hua looked as if she had been fished out of a river and had no strength left.


“I’ll be fine. I’ll take a nap, you don’t have to worry about me…” Bao Si Qing was still smiling but his voice was much lower.

Yun Hun nodded and left after helping him drink some water.

However, she could not relax at all and went up to the attic once again during the night.

As expected, he was having a high fever!

He would overdose if he took more panadol so the only solution left was to use the laws of physics!


Yun Hua quickly ran downstairs and soaked two towels and placed them in the fridge. Then she took another towel and a basin of water upstairs.

She wiped his body then he applied alcohol to the carotid artery in his neck, under his arm, on the sole of his foot as well as the femoral artery on his thigh…

Be it this life or the last, it was Yun Hua’s first time clawing at a guy’s clothes like this!


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