Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 37]


The moment she saw Qi Zi Heng, Yun Hua turned away.

She could not help it.

In her previous life, he had promised to get engaged to her and even introduced her to his friends without reserve. At that point in time, she really thought that he liked her.

Yun Hua was fully devoted to him, listening to his every request but what did he do for her?

Originally, Qi Zi Heng’s grandfather, Qi Shi Ling, approved of Yun Hua. However, Qi Zi Heng kept pushing Yun Hua to do stupid things, causing Yun Hua to disappoint Qi Shi Ling again and again.

At the same under, this disappointment was amplified when there was the gentle and well mannered Xiao Ru Yue to serve as a comparison.

This was why the Qi Family accepted Xiao Ru Yue despite her being an illegitimate child!

There really was no choice because Xiao Ru Yue was simply much better when compared to Yun Hua!


What about Yun Hua?

She had foolishly given everything to Qi Zi Heng, even carrying his child.

But what did Qi Zi Heng do?

Qi Zi Heng just looked at her awkwardly, saying that he would be skinned alive if his parents found out about it.

So Yun Hua stupidly went for an abortion surgery.

He was scared to send her to an actual hospital so she was sent to an illegal clinic. There, she laid on a cold and dirty operating table, letting the cold and hard tools play around in her both, killing that tiny life.

However, the tools used were not sterilised properly, causing her uterus to become infected. After the abortion operation, it kept bleeding and even suppurated.

Even then, Qi Zi Heng did not give her the slightest of a glance.

Soon after that, news about her going to an illegal clinic for an abortion spread.

The Qi Family was extremely disappointed with her and held the engagement ceremony between Qi Zi Heng and Xiao Ru Yue within a few days, officially announcing that Xiao Ru Yue, or rather, Yun Ru Yue was Qi Zi Heng’s fiancée!


As for Yun Hua? She became known as a mannerless village brat with no sense of self-respect.

Since that, Yun Ru Yue, who should never have been able to enter the spotlight due to her status as an illegitimate child, became Qi Zi Heng’s fiancée. Ever since that, no one dared to mention her being an illegitimate child.


Yun Hua squeezed the items in her hands as her body shook.

If these events were just due to her stupidity, resulting in her to believe so easily that Qi Zi Heng really liked her, then the following events could definitely not be forgiven by Yun Hua!


When Xiao Ru Yue said that she was mentally ill and wanted to send her off to the mental hospital, she went to beg Qi Zi Heng but Qi Zi Heng said, “Be good, I know you aren’t crazy, just ill, Yue Yue only wants to send you to the hospital to treat your illness, please listen…”

He personally called Xiao Ru Yue and Yun Cong Jun, bringing the people from the mental hospital there to drag her off to that hell.

It must be said that Qi Zi Heng and Xiao Ru Yue were a perfect match.

Both of them were scum!

“Eh, Yun Hua? It’s you.” Just when Yun Hua’s face was pale from anger, a voice rang out. It was Ling Xiao Xiao, Han Luo Luo’s sidekick.

Ling Xiao Xiao pushed Yun Hua a little, “Isn’t that guy paying the bills Qi senpai? Yun Hua, I remember you telling us that you and Qi senpai were engaged to each other…”

Yun Hua’s facial expression turned even paler.

“Qi senpai is just up ahead, why aren’t you approaching him?” Ling Xiao Xiao smiled evilly.

She was Han Luo Luo’s sidekick, despite Han Luo Luo being blind and liking He Yu Xiang, she was the same as the other girls in school, the guy of her dreams was Qi Zi Heng!

Compared to Qi Zi Heng, who was He Yu Xiang? She really could not see what Han Luo Luo saw in He Yu Xiang.

The last time she was with Han Luo Luo intimidating Yun Hua, Ling Xiao Xiao had heard with her own ears that Yun Hua was engaged to the Qi senpai.

At that time, Ling Xiao Xiao was bent over with laughter.

Which girl in school had not dreamt of something like that? Dreams where they became Qi senpai’s girlfriend. However, that was nothing more than a dream, nothing more than works of imagination.

Who could possibly be as shameless as Yun Hua to dare to say that they are engaged to Qi senpai!


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