Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 29]


Xiao Qiu Ci’s words made Yun Cong Jun stop and think.

When he originally thought about calling off the engagement, it was due to the fear of the Qi Family not liking Yun Hua who grew up in a village. If Yun Hua ended up offending the Qi Family, that’ll be a really bad deal, sacrificing her daughter only to offend the other side.

But what if Yue Yue replaced Yun Hua?

Yun Hua grew up in the village, does not have much manners… Simply put, she is just a brat from a rural village, but Yue Yue grew up in Jiang Xi City with Xiao Qiu Ci who strictly taught her the correct way to behave, thus she would not lose to those kids from the elite families!

That’s right, Yue Yue!

Only his Yue Yue would be fit for the master of the Qi Family and only the status on the level of the Qi Family was suitable for the talented and great Yue Yue!

Believing that the master of the Qi Family would definitely like Yue Yue, in that case, he would become part of the Qi Family, which means that it would be easy to borrow the power of the Qi Family to grow his company.

After all, he would be the father in law of the master of the Qi Family, who on the market would dare to not give face to the Qi Family?


Thinking till this point, Yun Cong Jun was getting excited.

He grasped Xiao Qiu Ci’s hands and asked with barely hidden excitement, “Xiao Ci, listen to me. If… If we give the engagement to Yue Yue, let Yue Yue and the master of the Qi Family marry each other, then wouldn’t it solve everything? With how good our Yue Yue is, no other boy would deserve her, only the master of the Qi Family with his talent, with his family status can be worth our Yue Yue, aren’t I right?”

A flash of light appeared momentarily in Xiao Qiu Ci’s eyes but she raised her eyebrow, “Cong Jun, remember that the engagement is to Yue Yue.”

“Who said it was to Yue Yue? The agreement only says it should be with the granddaughter of my dad, Yue Yue is my own flesh and blood, of course she is the granddaughter if my father! Furthermore, even if it was up to the Qi Family to choose, they would choose Yue Yue too!” Yun Cong Jun said tactlessly.

Xiao Qiu Ci pursed her lips but still shook her head, “That wouldn’t do, Hua Hua and Yue Yue have such a good relationship and Hua Hua likes the master of the Qi Family so much, if you gave the engagement to Yue Yue, Hua Hua will definitely come to hate Yue Yue. I don’t want them to become enemies. Furthermore, even if Yue Yue is your flesh and blood, her surname is Xiao, not Yun. How would the Qi Family see Yue Yue as an illegitimate child?”

Xiao Qiu Ci smiled self-depreciatively, “It’s all my fault. Hua Hua was right, women who are mistresses are all moralless, I’m no different. Let the mistakes of the past be my last ones, Cong Jun, I don’t want to ruin your family, I don’t want to be a mistress.”

“Xiao Ci!”

Yun Cong Jun held onto Xiao Qiu Ci’s hands tightly, “Xiao Ci, don’t say that. It’s my fault that I lost control after getting drunk… I should have divorced Jiang Huan Qing back then but she got pregnant and I could not find the will… I did not want to make people think that I abandoned my wife right after coming to the city… It’s my fault for being too weak, makings so many mistakes.”

Yun Cong Jun looked at Xiao Qiu Ci with infatuation, “I won’t let these mistakes continue on. I’ve never stopped thinking about you for a single day in all these years of marriage with Jiang Huan Qing! I don’t want anything to do with her, all I can think of it you. You even gave me such a kind and cute daughter like Yue Yue despite not having the family name… All these years of burden… I am so sorry!”

Yun Cong Jun’s gaze became firm, “Xiao Ci, you don’t have to worry, this entire thing is my fault so I will deal with it. I will divorce Jiang Huan Qing as soon as possible! After we’re married, Yue Yue can legally become my daughter, then she’ll have the right to get engaged to the master of the Qi Family!”


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