Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 28]


Xiao Ru Yue bit down on her lips and she secretly looked at Xiao Qiu Ci.

Turns out Xiao Qiu Ci was way too good at acting, pretending to not have heard anything, keeping the same old gentle look on her face.

Yun Cong Jun also could not resist and also looked at Xiao Qiu Ci, in his eyes was guilt that could not be hidden.


Yun Hua almost burst out in cold laughter!

Yun Cong Jun feeling guilty for Xiao Qiu Ci? Why, because she is only able to be the mistress?

If that is the case, then the next step would be to quickly divorce Yun Hua’s mother and officially marry Xiao Qiu Ci!

Yun Hua laughed lightly.


“Oh yeah Hua Hua, was what you told me 2 days ago real?”

“What?” Yun Hua blinked.

Xiao Ru Yue pulled Yun Hua close affectionately, asking Yun Cong Jun with a smile, “Uncle Yun, Hua Hua told me two days ago that she’s engaged, through an agreement of Grandfather Yun, with the opposite side being an aristocrat! Is that true, Uncle Yun?”

Yun Cong Jun frowned slight but nodded, “That is true. However… Hua Hua was born of low status, growing up in a village, how could she match up to the master of the Qi Family? Even if they carried out the marriage, there won’t be a good outcome given the difference in status. That’s why I plan to cancel the engagement, it’ll be better than having them to refuse marriage.”


Xiao Ru Yue looked at Yun Hua with a face of shock.

Yun Hua was also very cooperative, displaying a shocked expression and shouted at Yun Cong Jun while holding back tears, “I don’t want to cancel the engagement, I like Qi senpai, I want to marry to Qi senpai!”

Finishing, she ran away as if wronged.


Yun Cong Jun’s face ashen from losing face in front of Xiao Qiu Ci. He slammed his hand on the table, “Just look at how out of control she is! Growing up in a village, how could the eldest son of a family as glorious as the Qi Family marry a mannerless girl from a village?!”

Yun Cong Jun continued, seething with anger, “I would dare try if she had even half of Yue Yue’s manners! But Xiao Ci, just look at her, how could master Qi ever come to like her with her lack of ability? She’s craving for something she’s not worthy of! How could the Qi Family possibly carry out marriage with her being like this?! This is all her mother’s fault, so narrow-minded!”


Xiao Qiu Ci smiled gently, serving up a cup of water to Yun Cong Jun, “Drink some water and calm your anger. She’s just a kid and they’re going through puberty at this age, so she’ll be easily interested in guys. The master of the Qi Family has a great personality and is very talented, combined with that kind of family background, it’s normal for a little girl to fantasise.”

“Ai!” Yun Cong Jun sighed, “I’m doing this for her good. Who can’t see the appeal of the master of the Qi Family? But she needs to reflect on herself! Just how is she going to match up to him! You’ve really done a better job on Yue Yue, gentle and kind. Honestly speaking, Yue Yue would be a great fit for the master of the Qi Family!”

Xiao Qiu Ci smiled a little, “Don’t say that. The engagement is for Hua Hua, it’ll be a problem if it goes to Yue Yue. Furthermore, Yue Yue isn’t part of the Yun Family, her surname is Xiao after all.”


Yun Cong Jun was stunned momentarily.


Xiao Qiu Ci continued, “You are right, this world is very realistic, marriage would take into account the identity of both parties, if there’s a great disparity between the two parties, even if the marriage occurred, there still won’t be happiness.”

Xiao Qiu Ci smiled, “Of course, reality might be different from what I said. Who knows? Maybe Hua Hua and the master of the Qi Family could be a great fit! If that happens, I’m sure the Qi Family would take care of the Yun Family. Didn’t you want to grow your company? This is a great opportunity.”


Yun Cong Jun was completely stunned.


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