Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 27]


The Jiang Xi City was not a very big city.

As of 2006, there were not many Japanese cuisine restaurants, so business was very good.


Yun Hua did not like rice, nothing that has to do with rice interested her. Sushi was not simply just rice so she was fine with them, though she did not particularly like them.

On the other hand, Xiao Ru Yue enjoyed sushi very much, or rather, she enjoyed the elegant atmosphere in the Japanese cuisine restaurant. It was not limited to Japanese cuisine, she enjoyed Western restaurants for the foreign feel.


“Hua Hua, do you want to try some salmon? Look at the beautiful color, I think it tastes like fruit, there isn’t any fishiness at all!” Xiao Ru Yue said excitedly.

Yun Hua smiled, “I’ve never eaten it before, might as well give it a try.”

Xiao Ru Yue happily helped Yun Hua place the order.


“It must be tough to be a form teacher, kids of this age aren’t easy to deal with.” Yun Cong Jun helped fill the cup of Xiao Qiu Ci who was sitting beside him. His tone was warm and gentle, not matching up with his tough look.

Xiao Qiu Ci laughed a little, “It’s not too bad, the students are very understanding and mature.”


“That’s not true.” Yun Hua suddenly spoke up, using a tone like she was trying to defend against an injustice, “Just 2 days ago, Yue Yue was slapped by Han Luo Luo!”


“Yue Yue was hit?!” Yun Cong Jun’s eyes widened and his expression turned dark, “Who’s this Han Luo Luo?! Does the school not care?!”

“Don’t worry Uncle Yun, Han Luo Luo was in a bad mood…” Xiao Ru Yue quickly said.

“Beating people up because of bad mood? Yue Yue’s personality is gentle, this Han Luo Luo must have picked on Yue Yue thinking that she would be easy to bully! Yun Hua, what are you doing? Don’t you know to help when someone is bullying Yue Yue? How can you just watch someone else bully Yue Yue when she and Aunt Xiao treat you so well?”


Yun Cong Jun’s tone was extremely strict.


Yun Hua was frightened to the verge of tears. She bit down on her lips as if holding back tears, “Han Luo Luo was too quick, she called Yue Yue a slut and started slapping her, I didn’t even have time to react…”

“Uncle Yun, don’t blame Hua Hua, Han Luo Luo is just too domineering, it’s all in the past so don’t worry about it. Hua Hua did come and help me afterwards, right Hua Hua?” Xiao Ru Yue quickly smiled, showing resilience in her eyes,perfectly  acting out the image of a pure and kind little flower.

Yun Hua quickly nodded her head and said, “Han Luo Luo is crazy! Her dad and aunt got caught in an affair by a crowd led by Han Luo Luo herself. For some reason, she decided that it was Yue Yue’s fault even though Yue Yue wasn’t even there! How could Yue Yue know that they were having an affair?!”


Yun Cong Jun’s expression turned pale.


Yun Hua hmphed again, “Han Luo Luo’s aunt is our form teacher and a first-rate teacher at that, she always appears on the school magazines but she ended up being a mistress, her brother-in-law’s mistress at that! How could the school let such a person be our form teacher! I’m glad that Aunt Xiao is our form teacher now, such a nice person like Aunt Xiao can’t possibly be a mistress, aren’t I right Aunt Xiao?”


Repeatedly mentioning the word “mistress”, it seemed to have struck a nerve, causing Xiao Qiu Ci to stiffen up and Xiao Ru Yue to bite down on her lips.

Of course, Yun Cong Jun’s facial expression was not much better!

Yun Hua had done that on purpose since Xiao Qiu Ci had decided to be Yun Cong Jun’s mistress, she should not be afraid of anyone talking about it!


Yun Hua then stretched her hand across Xiao Ru Yue’s shoulder, “I can’t understand why anyone would want to be a mistress and destroy someone else’s family? It’s as if only other families are good and they have to snatch it over no matter what! How shameless and immoral can they be! All mistresses should die! Aren’t I right, Yue Yue?”


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  2. i love how they cant say shit about it hahaha

    their faces would look amazing

    i wish i could partake in the drama and add some fuel


  3. actually i also dont really understant mistresses , is like eating leftovers , some people eat leftovers because they have no choice but some obviously have the abilliti to eat an entire meal but they still go for the leftovers ,smh


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