Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 26]


Xiao Ru Yue looked like she had just swallowed a fly. Seeing this, Yun Hua felt a huge sense of satisfaction!

Since Xiao Ru Yue is so good at acting, then she shall put that to the test!
She’ll see just how much longer this white lotus flower can keep up her act.


After returning to the classroom, Yun Hua concentrated on studying. Her base was decent and the solution to an exam-based education is effort!

With sufficient effort, there would definitely be rewards.

However, she could not calm down in school for the last 2 days.

She had already tried her best to reduce external distractions but the conversation between the other students still made its way into her ears.


“It can’t be true, Han Jun Dong and Yao Yong Hong? No wonder Han Luo Luo is absent from school today.”

“What rumor are you guys spreading? Who knows if it’s real or not, be careful or you’ll end up in trouble!”

“Tch, it’s been spread all around school already since there were a lot of people there that night to witness it for themselves! If you don’t believe me, go ask Ling Xiao Xiao, she follows Han Luo Luo everywhere. I heard that it was Han Luo Luo herself who kicked open the door that day. I wonder how she’s feeling now, her very own father and her very own aunt…”


Yun Hua raised her eyebrow. It seems like such a matter cannot be covered up even if she does not interfere.

This is normal, especially since Han Luo Luo had brought a huge crowd at that time. It would not be easy to prevent leakage with so many witnesses.


Suddenly, someone walked in. Instantly, the previously noisy class quietened down.

Yun Hua looked up and, as expected, Han Luo Luo had entered the classroom.

The entire class looked at Han Luo Luo awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Although no one said anything, those looks were extremely uncomfortable for Han Luo Luo!

Han Luo Luo’s face turned pale. Normally, she was extremely arrogant seeing that her dad was the Discipline Master and her aunt is the form teacher. However, she had turned meek from the shame and ran away from the stares!

Yun Hua could not be bothered with Han Luo Luo. In her previous life, Han Luo Luo had not shown her any mercy when she was forced to kneel by her.


During the noon break, Xiao Ru Yue walked over suddenly, “Hua Hua, Uncle Yun just called me and said he’ll be bringing us to eat sushi in the afternoon!”

Yun Hua looked up at Xiao Ru Yue without saying anything.

The Uncle Yun that Xiao Ru Yue was talking about was Yun Hua’s father, Yun Cong Jun.

It was absurd that Yun Cong Jun would never be here to see Yun Hua alone, he would have to invite Xiao Qiu Ci and Xiao Ru Yue too!


“Sure, is Aunt Xiao going too?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Ru Yue smiled happily.

Yun Hua nodded her head.


After school, Yun Cong Jun drove his car to the school building.

Xiao Qiu Ci was already in the front seat, waving to Yun Hua and Xiao Ru Yue, smiling sweetly, “Come on quickly. Hua Hua, don’t you love sushi? Your dad came specially to bring you to have some!”

Yun Hua smiled and said straightly, “Aunt Xiao, you’ve remembered wrongly, I like noodles, Yue Yue is the one who likes sushi.”


If it was the previous her, as long as Yun Cong Jun would give her the slightest of a smile, let alone remember what she likes, she would be on cloud nine. Back then, she was full of respect for her father.

Now, she was no longer the same.


Expectedly, Xiao Qiu Ci’s smile stiffened while Yun Cong Jun’s eyebrows twitched upon hearing Yun Hua speak.

Xiao Ru Yue quickly spoke, “Hua Hua, Japanese cuisine is very high class, anyone who hasn’t been to one would become a joke for the students. Uncle Yun is just trying to expand your horizons!”

Yun Cong Jun smiled in agreement, “Seems like Yue Yue is more mature and understanding.”

Xiao Ru Yue smiled shyly.

Yun Hua smiled too, though for a different reason.

Facing such a father, her heart no longer felt any pain.


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