Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 25]


Yun Hua placed her hands around Xiao Ru Yue elbow and quietly said, “Yue Yue tell me, if I got married to Qi senpai, wouldn’t that make me be like Cinderella and Snow White? Gosh, I don’t even dare to imagine!”Yun Hua’s face slammed onto Bao Si Qing’s chest!
So hard!
Tears welled up in her eyes from the pain. Her nose was hurting tremendously and the pain was so bad that she felt that her nose might have been fractured!

“Hey brat, that’s no way to fall into someone’s arms. That was way too violent, this brother can’t handle it. After all, I’m still wounded!” Bao Si Qing voice was a little hoarse.
Frustrated, Yun Hua stood up, left the food she was carrying and ran away.

Damn it, the military hero Bao Si Qing that the internet worshipped in her last life turned out to be a complete bastard!
Absolutely shameless!

Yun Hua’s heart was still racing as she raced out of her house.
She desperately took deep breathes, trying her best to chase thoughts of the rich and good-looking asshole out of her mind.

On the way to school, she started memorising phrases while running.
There were no shortcuts in learning English, especially in an environment where no one spoke it, so memorising phrases was still the most effective method!

When she reached school, it was still early so Yun Hua continued around the school track.
She needed to work on her endurance and strength. The sports meet was not far away. For the average person, the sports meet meant 3 days of fun, so there was no need to treat it seriously.

However, this sports meet meant a fresh start for Yun Hua!
Yun Hua finished 10 laps around the track before slowing down to a walking pace.
She had managed to memorise one-third of the 7th-grade phrases on flash cards in her hands.

When she was halfway around the track, someone approached her hurriedly.
“Hua Hua, did something happen over the last 2 days? You’ve been ignoring me, are you angry at me?” Xiao Ru Yue looked at her with a perturbed expression, her eyes showed an innocent and pitiful look.
Yun Hua blinked, “No I’m not?”
“I brought breakfast!” Xiao Ru Yue handed the things in her hands to Yun Hua, “Pan fried buns and soya milk from Zhang Ji, they’re your favourite.”

“Thank you.” Yun Hua did not hesitate at all.
See Yun Hua accept the food, Xiao Ru Yue sighed in relief and smiled immediately, “For a moment I thought that you were angry with me!”
“Why would I be?” Yun Hua asked.
Xiao Ru Yue frowned lightly, “Thanks to Han Luo Luo, she’s great at creating conflict. I’ve never told her that you like He Yu Xiang. Simply because she likes him, anyone who dares look at He Yu Xiang would have committed a sin in her eyes.
Yun Hua shrugged, “ That’s normal, she’s being protective. That said, it seems that He Yu Xiang likes you?”
“You sure know how to joke around.” Xiao Ru Yue’s face turned red, “We’re just classmate.”
Yun Hua smiled, “Then, how about Yue Yue tell me honestly who she likes?”

Xiao Ru Yue remained silent.

“Don’t be like this. You know myself secret so I should get to know yours, we’re best friends after all!” Yun Hua said forcefully, “I even let you in on the secret of my and Qi senpai being engaged! Yet, you wouldn’t even tell me who you like!”
“There isn’t anyone that I like. Really.” Xiao Ru Yue said.
“How could that be!” Yun Hua looked at her in disbelief. After a short pause, she suddenly looked at Xiao Ru Yue, “Yue Yue, it can’t be… It can’t be that you too like Qi senpai right?”
“Ah, of course not!” Xiao Ru Yue quickly denied.
Yun Hua smiled immediately, “I knew that you’re the best, you wouldn’t fight for Qi senpai against me! Furthermore, I am engaged to Qi senpai!”

Xiao Ru Yue’s smile was turning stiffer by the second.

“I knew that grandpa was a veteran, but I never knew that he had saved commander Qi’s life!” Yun Hua lamented shyly, “That’s how the engagement came to be. I only knew that Qi senpai was talented, but I had never known about him having such a great family background.”

Yun Hua placed her hands around Xiao Ru Yue elbow and quietly said, “Yue Yue tell me, if I got married to Qi senpai, wouldn’t that make me be like Cinderella and Snow White? Gosh, I don’t even dare to imagine!”


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  2. haha this yue is probabil so frustrated ,because she is angry but she cant express it, she has to smile.and she cant really blame hua.


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