Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 24]


Yun Hua’s mother, Jiang Huan Qing, would prepare supper for her father, Yun Cong Jun.
It could be chicken soup, pork ribs soup or dumplings. No matter when Yun Cong Jun reached home, there would always be something for him to eat.
Unfortunately, Yun Cong Jun never took Jiang Huan Qing’s care for him to heart. Despite this, Yun Cong Jun only had his mind on Xiao Qiu Ci.
Yun Hua did not feel the slightest bit of guilt as she filled up a large bowl with chicken soup.

When she brought the soup up, Bao Si Qing was in the middle of tending to his wounds.
A thick and heavy stench of blood filled the attic. The bloodstained bandage caused Yun Hua to feel a little dizzy upon seeing it.

Bao Si Qing looked up at her and quickened his movements.
He poured the alcohol directly on his wound without wincing, then sprinkled the anti-inflammatory and the Yun Nan Bai Yao… Then he quickly covered it with a few pieces of gauze and secured them with tape. His movements could only be described as simple and rough!
Yun Hua could almost feel the pain just by looking on.
No matter how small the wound, the instant when alcohol is poured on a wound is enough to make most people wince in pain.
In his case, it seemed as if he felt nothing!

No, it is not that he does not have a sense of pain, rather… He is used to tolerance.
Once again, Yun Hua learned something new about Bao Si Qing. For a prince with such a family background, joining the military was not to make his resume look good, but rather actually being on the frontline, getting used to wounds like this…
Upon reflection, Yun Hua knew she could not do that!
She only had respect, it was just like how a normal person would react if they saw the hero Dong Cun Rui. [TL Note: Famous Chinese Communist soldier]

“Hey brat, it seems like you know me?” Bao Si Qing quickly bandaged his wound and started drinking the chicken soup while looking at her with a meaningful look.

Yun Hua was startled.
She realised how suspicious it was given her sudden change in attitude. Originally, she was full of cautiousness but she brought him back home the next moment.
“Where have you seen me before?” Bao Si Qing drank some soup while asking her with a casual tone.
Yun Hua put on a poker face and shook her head, “I’ve never met you, I don’t know you.”
Bao Si Qing laughed, clearly not believing her.
The sweat on Yun Hua’s back was almost going to start dripping.
There… There simply was no way for her to explain. It was not like she could tell him that she saw him on a news report!

“Does it look good?” Bao Si Qing suddenly spoke again.
Yun Hua drew a blank, “What?”
“My figure. You’ve been staring at me… Brat, you can keep on dreaming, a bowl of chicken soup isn’t going to get you this body!”
Yun Hua’s face flushed red as she stared at him exasperated, “Who wants you to sell your body! Enjoy your meal alone, I’m leaving! Also, don’t you dare run around. If you get caught by my mom, you’ll get sent to the police station!”
Finishing, Yun Hua immediately… ran away with a panic.
Amused by her behaviour, Bao Si Qing smiled slightly.

Soon after, he pressed on the communication device on his wrist that was disguised as a watch, “I’m fine, there’s no need to come for me for now, just let them think that I’m dead and lure out the big fish!”

Perhaps it was because of Bao Si Qing, that night Yun Hua dreamed of events from her previous life again.

She slept restlessly and woke up at 5am.
Yun Hua had intended to rush out the house but ended up, after some thought, heading to the kitchen and bringing some bread, milk, ham and a large bottle of mineral water to the attic.

She quietly walked to the door. In the attic, Bao Si Qing, who looked like he was sound asleep. suddenly opened her eyes before shutting them in no time, pretending to be asleep.
Yun Hua carefully pushed open the attic door and walked in with items.

In the darkness, she tripped over Bao Si Qing’s outstretched leg…

Falling towards Bao Si Qing…


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  2. It’s good that she’s traumatized by her past life, it makes it more realistic, but it’s clear she’s not traumatized enough if she’s this responsive…


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