Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 23]


Yun Hua felt that she had really gone crazy!

Hidden in the attic of her house was… a guy.


Originally, she had only intended on asking her what she could help him with, but before she knew it, she ended up asking for his name.

At that time, she thought that his special identity and him participating in various drug-busting operations would mean that he would have various fake names. Hence, she was expecting him to give her a fake name.

Unexpectedly, he actually told her his real name!


Bao Si Qing.


After hearing these 3 words, Yun Hua was stunned.

He actually told her his real name!

As such, Yun Hua brought him home, half-dazed.


When entering the house, she made up an excuse and brought her mom to the bedroom, giving him the chance to sneak in.

Crazy and daring, that’s what it was!

Her mom would often tidy up her room and air out the blankets, so Yun Hua did not dare let him stay in her room. It was especially so considering that he was a guy.

Luckily, there was an attic. While it there was a lot of junk in the attic but there was still space, so Yun Hua told him to hide there.


Her mother, Jiang Huan Qing, had always paid attention to details, keeping a medic kit at home.

Yun Hua did not take the whole medic kit but sneaked some anti-inflammatory amoxicillin as well as the commonly used Yun Nan Bai Yao. After a bit more thinking, she also took some medical alcohol, cotton swabs, gauze and medical tape.

Yun Hua secretly passed the items to him and rush off from his teasing glance.


Returning to her room, she took a long time to calm herself down.

She could not imagine what she would do with Bao Si Qing’s family background. At the very least, she would not have the courage to make the same decision!

Which idiot would give up such a luxurious life?


Yun Hua took out her notebook again and continued working on the outline of the novel.

The main plotline is that the female lead, Mo Lan, was sent back to the Kang Xi Era of the Qing Dynasty, participating in the emotional entanglement in the battle for the succession of the Emperor.

This plotline would become a cliche in the next few years. In fact, the frustrated readers would summarise the main plot of this genre as “everyone falls in love with the female lead”.

While it does not seem to do it justice… That is the reality.


Naturally, in 2006 where the genre was still fresh, such a plotline would work.

The female lead’s identity was set as a research student at a medical university and Yun Hua was deciding on how the female lead should be reincarnated.

In the end, she decided that she should come up with a more unique method, ending up with a landslide…


While participating in an excursion to the rural villages organised by the medical school, she encountered a storm which caused a landslide. To save a child, she was swept away by the landslide… By the time she woke up, she was already in the Qing Dynasty.

Using pen and paper was much slower than typing on a computer.

Over an hour had passed by the time she finished a 2000 word chapter.

“Hua Hua, it’s too late, you should hurry up and go to bed.” Her mother came and knock on her door.

“I know, I’ll go sleep now.”

Seeing that her mother had returned to her bedroom, Yun Hua quietly opened her door and headed to the kitchen.

It had just occurred to him that the guest in the attic might need something to eat…


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