Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 22]


“Hey brat, how about letting me stay for a night, I guarantee you that I’m not a bad guy!”

Yun Hua gritted her teeth, “Have you ever seen a bad guy admit that they are bad?”

The guy coughed, “Want me to show you my ID? I’m really not a bad person!”

Yun Hua sneered, “Uncle, there are lots of notices on the telephone poles warning about fake IDs, who knows if your ID is real or fake? Furthermore, if a person like you can’t find a place to stay, then what good can staying at the house of a normal middle school student do you?”

“Uncle? Am I that old?” The guy seemed to have focused on the wrong thing and started touching his face, “I’m sure it’s not that bad. You must have not seen it clearly due to the darkness, you can address me with ‘Brother’!”


No way was she going to call him “Brother”!

Yun Hua stomped hard on the guy’s foot.

It seemed that the guy did not expect Yun Hua to fight back at such a timing and loosen his hold on her for a moment.

Yun Hua took the chance and ran away!


She ran for her life, leaving the alleyway in no time. Surrounded by people in the brightly lit streets, Yun Hua finally felt some sense of safety.

She turned back to ensure that the guy was not chasing after her. See that it was not so, she could finally calm down her heart.

Yun Hua did not dare to hang around and quickly headed home. As she walked, she tried to recall who the guy was and find the reason for the sense of familiarity she felt.

In her past life, she had a small social circle so why does she recognise such a good looking guy?


Is he a star? After all, this guy’s face looked better than any star she has seen. Exquisite features without any hint of femininity…


Wait a moment!

Yun Hua suddenly stopped.

A scene flashed through her mind and she widened her eyes.


She remembered!

She remembered where she had seen that face before.

It was from that news report!


In 2010, 4 years from now, the peacekeeping force that China sent to the African country “C” encountered rebels from that country. To protect the innocent civilians, the two sides engaged in a heavy firefight… In which a Chinese officer 22 years of age made a great sacrifice.


At that time, nearly everyone on the internet paid their respect to this young and brave officer.

Details about his family background were leaked too.

His grandfather was a general part of the founding generation, his dad was an important official, his mother an aristocrat and his uncle the leader of a multinational group…


He was clearly born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

He clearly could have lived a luxurious life.

However, he decided to join the Chinese army at age 16 and carried out an anti-drug mission, cleaning up a large drug cartel in the “Y” province!


By the time he died at age 22, he had already won numerous awards.

After all these were brought to light, it shook the entirety of China.


In these times, not anyone is about to give up a life of luxury and pick the tough and dangerous life of a military person!

Such a person clearly deserves respect!

Of course, even more of these internet users were raving about the officer’s good looks.

Some even said that if he had become a celebrity instead of a soldier, he would have won the heart of women across the world.

And his name is… Bao Si Qing!


When he had died, Yun Hua’s life had already been ruined. She spent her days in the tiny room writing novels online. With her mother’s, Jiang Huan Qing, life in the hands of Xiao Ru Yue, Yun Hua had no choice but to obey Xiao Ru Yue, helping build the evidence of Xiao Ru Yue’s talent by publishing the novels she wrote under her name…

When she looked at the numerous articles online about Bao Si Qing, Yun Hua found a little bit of hope.

She always thought that only such a guy could be called a man!

As for Qi Zi Heng, he could only be called scum!



Yun Hua could not take another step further.

A few seconds later, Yun Hua took a deep breath before turning around and rushing back towards the alleyway, running faster than when she was running away…


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