Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 30]


Running out of the restaurant, Yun Hua only had one thing on her mind.

Yun Cong Jun was definitely going to divorce her mother Jiang Huan Qing. However, even if that were to happen, she would not allow her mother to be left with nothing like the previous time.

Clearly, it was Yun Cong Jun who was in the wrong but her mother was the one who ended up suffering.

Yun Cong Jun got married to Xiao Qiu Ci successfully and happily, gaining a new daughter, Yun Ru Yue!


“Hua Hua be careful, there are so many cars around, stop running!” Xiao Ru Yue raced to catch up with her, stopping her with a concerned look, “Uncle Yun isn’t being serious, don’t take it to heart.”

Yun Hua started crying, “He said I’m not suited for Qi Family and that only you are suited from him. But I’m the one who is engaged… Yue Yue… You promised me that you won’t steal Qi Senpai from me, you lied!”


Xiao Ru Yue’s expression became more awkward.

Her mother Xiao Qiu Ci had told her countless times that a woman needs to find a good man, it must not be a poor man and definitely not someone from the lower class.

Girls should be cared for, living like a princess, not like the normal woman in a family, losing beauty from putting in effort around the house, only for their man to fall for another lady who is prettier!

Xiao Qiu Ci told Xiao Ru Yue not to be a virtuous woman, rather, she should be stylish and classy. She should not ask and beg but become the girl of her man’s dream, letting him be only able to dream and chase after.

Only with ungranted desires can a man’s heart be manipulated, only then will they listen to you, only then will they keep you in their mind, carefully protecting you.


Of course, the criteria to that is that the man is someone unique!

Otherwise, what is the point of a poor man’s love? They have nothing, only telling you they love you, asking you to suffer with him until he succeeds but they will end up kicking you aside after they succeed. Heh, only an idiot would put in effort on such a man.

So Xiao Ru Yue’s target had always been Qi Zi Heng or some other rich kid!


Originally, Xiao Ru Yue though that it would be hard to get someone like Qi Zi Heng, but there was an opportunity in front of her. As long as she changed from Xiao Ru Yue to Yun Ru Yue, the engagement would be hers! A rich kid like Qi Zi Heng would become her fiancé…


Look at Yun Hua who was still waiting for her promise, Xiao Ru Yue smiled lightly and said, “Hua Hua, don’t worry, I will definitely not start to like Qi Zi Heng on my own accord.”

Yes, she would not start to like Qi Zi Heng on her own accord, but it would be alright if Qi Zi Heng falls for her, only wanting her, right?

Xiao Ru Yue was full of confidence that between her and Yun Hua, Qi Zi Heng would definitely pick her and not a rascal from a village like Yun Hua.


“Yue Yue, you’re too nice to me!” Yun Hua looked touched.

“Of course, we are sisters!” Xiao Ru Yue also flashed a sincere smile.


Yun Hua looked down, feeling her heart chill.

It was clearly her fault in her previous life. Both of them were 13, Xiao Ru Yue was even younger by a few months but looking at the scheming that she was doing then compared to the previous her…


After dismissal in the afternoon, Yun Hua headed home without joining the night study session as per usual.

Her mother, Jiang Huan Qing, was cooking dinner when Yun Hua reached home. Yun Hua let her know that she had come back and headed straight to the attic.


“What are you doing up there? It’s been a long time since the attic was cleaned, it’s dirty and messy.”

“Nothing, just looking for something. Mom, I’m really hungry and I want carrot and meat.”

“Sure, I’ll make it now. Your dad said he has to travel for a few days so we will dig in once it’s done.” Jiang Huan Qing smiled and said.


Yun Hua pursed her lips. Travel? Bullshit!


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