Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 182]


This was a coincidence.

The publisher had sent the contract over a few days ago but Yun Hua was too worried about Bao Si Qing to check her email!

Editor Sugar was not able to contact Yun Hua either so the publisher thought that Yun Hua was not happy with the terms in the contract. Seeing the popularity of the novel, the publisher decided to improve the contract.

The royalty that Yun Hua was receiving and the first printing number were already higher than a lot of traditional authors!

Yun Hua looked at the contract and told Sugar, “It’s alright, we’ll sign according to the original terms, we did agree on those terms after all, we have to be honest. It’s not that I’m unhappy about the contract, it’s just that I had some matters to the past few days and forgot about the contract. Don’t worry, I’ll sign it and mail it to you tomorrow.”

Sugar, “You really are a good person, the publisher would definitely be overjoyed.”

Yun Hua smiled but did not say anything.

This publisher had great influence and they had many publishing channels, so building up a good relationship would be beneficial in the long run.

Naturally, when the publisher received the news, they appreciated it very much and quickly resent the new contract.

Sugar, “Revived Drawing, your blog is trending right now. If you’re free, you can make some posts there. Things like why you choose to write this novel or answering questions from the readers would increase the novel’s popularity. It’s also a good chance to advertise your novel.”

Revived Drawing, “I understand, thank you.”

After chatting with Sugar, Yun Hua thought for a bit and made a post.

[What would happen if a little energetic and modern butterfly was introduced into the serious and solemn thing that is history?]

In the year 2006, the most popular blog was that of a certain celebrity. She was labeled the first blogger and the hero of the new era of blogging. It was her that made the word “blogger” a common word among the populace.

After her, Blogger became popular and its web traffic increased. Everyone who joined in afterward reaped its benefits.

Yun Hua was the same. Due to the increase in popularity of Blogger and the among of discussion surrounding her novel, her blog’s traffic increased greatly.

The post talked about the possible changes the traverser could bring, both big and small ones. It analyzed the possible problems the traverser might encounter, even refuting the novel.

For example, how the 13th lord pledging to be together with the protagonist forever was impossible. The historical 13th lord was definitely not such a character. Neither was he a person with courage but no wit. He had his ambition and that was not something that would die out for a woman.

Another example would be when the protagonist was sent to the 4th lord due to the 8th lord’s scheme. Her identity was a lowly one, she was a nobody. She would not have the chance to interact with the 4th lord. She had no right to approach the 4th lord, let alone accompany him in his studies. Furthermore, the historical 4th lord was definitely not someone who would let a concubine enter his study.

It was also impossible for the protagonist to have saved Consort Liang while she was pretending to be a eunuch. For a high-class concubine such as Consort Liang, there would definitely be people around her. Even if she was to fall ill suddenly, a young eunuch could not possibly get close to her…

Yun Hua found out that refuting herself was actually pretty fun.

At the end of the post, Yun Hua ended with the line, “Novel isn’t history, it’s just romanticized thinking.

After writing, she checked through the post for mistakes, she drew another picture of a Qing Palace Lady. After the text and image were edited, she posted the post!

After finish that, Yun Hua started revising. The monthly exam would be happening next week. Class 15’s learning progress would be clear from the exam!


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2 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 182]

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I wonder if her post will do anything to allay the fears of the academics that novels similar to her’s would destroy people’s ability to judge what is historical and what is fantasy accurately? (it was mentioned a couple of chapters ago that reactions to her novel had been mixed, right?) Either way, it’s pretty interesting that she’s laying into her own novel haha

    Stay safe!


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