Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 183]


Yun Hua had to sort out the progress of Class 15’s revision.

For English, they had memorized the phrases and sentences found in the first half of the secondary one textbook. The syllabus for secondary one students would not touch too much on grammar yet.

Even though learning grammar looks like a lot of work but these were actually the basics of any sentence. Understanding the usage would be much easier than individually memorizing cases.

It was a simple matter of diligence. These things would be picked up very quickly if one was focused and diligent enough.

With the opinions of the English class representative, and from the level of completion of the tasks, Yun Hua thoughts that the students of Class 15 had a good grasp of the language. 

After all, they were learning English from scratch, so there wasn’t much foundation needed. It was still 2006, so English was only taught starting in secondary school unlike in the future where lessons started in primary school.

The knowledge available in the secondary one curriculum would definitely not be enough for the secondary two exam so there was no point in rushing.

For math, they had already learned linear equations. The secondary two curriculum focused on geometry so they would get started with any prior knowledge. In any case, they had Pei Zi Xuan around, it would be a waste not to use him!

Physics was a new subject added in secondary two so it wasn’t a big deal to learn everything from scratch. It was mostly a matter of concept and memory work.

Linguistics would come with experience. Wanting to learn it well in a short time would be difficult. However, memory work was still very effective against these exams. Even though a high score does not necessarily mean prowess at linguistics, their current goal was to score for the exams!

As for topics like biology and politics, memorizing was the only way. If they can’t memorize it, then run a few laps and try again!

Yun Hua gathered the testable content and searched for their corresponding questions. Unlike the future, everything was still in hard copy now so Yun Hua could only get people to gather the past year papers in person at the various schools.

The monthly test was next week but Yun Hua decided to conduct a mock test right now.

The paper was split into two. One testing their knowledge of secondary one content and the second was on testable content in the upcoming test.

Finish the mock test and swap papers to discuss and mark…

“Damn, I clearly know how to do this question. Look, I used the correct formulas so how did I get it wrong!” Zhu Yi Qun covered his head.

Zhan Shi Bang chuckled and marked a red cross on the paper, “Careless mistake, that’s one lap.”

Zhu Yi Qun gritted his teeth in anger.

“Eh, you missed out the minus sign when you copied the equation over. Hehehe, another lap!”

“Aiyaya, another mistake, another lap!” Zhan Shi Bang lamented while marking another cross.

Zhu Yi Qun was about to break down, “Please, stop drawing, I already owe her 10 laps…”

“Time to slim down!” Zhan Shi Bang said righteously, “Look at yourself, you lost at least 6kgs this month. This is all for your good, getting smarter and slimmer at the same time!”

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