Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 184]


Zhan Shi Bang was refreshed after bullying Zhu Yi Qun

But when it came to English, it was Zhan Shi Bang’s turn to fall.

“What’s with the [these] and [those], this… this was just a careless mistake!” Zhan Shi Bang was feeling a little guilty.

Zhu Yi Qun hmphed, “Sucks to be you. Got to give it to you for writing A as B in an MCQ.”

“Oh no, I got the [in, on, at] question wrong again. Do you think Sister Hua will get pissed off…” Zhan Shi Bang asked Zhu Yi Qun quietly.

Zhu Yi Qun hmphed, “Such a simple question, you could get past it with just memorization.”

“It’s my wrong… Brother Pig, oh no, Brother Zhu please help me, explain it to me again, I promise to write it down and memorize it every day, I guarantee I won’t be wrong again!” Zhan Shi Bang clung onto Zhu Yi Qun with a face full of snot and tear.

Zhu Yi Qun was feeling great. Brothers were meant to be bullied!

Monthly exams skipped biology and politics so Yun Hua’s mock test did not include those subjects.

Within two days, the mock tests were completed and marked.

The results were better than Yun Hua expected!

Especially for math, revising secondary one content and learning secondary two content did not cause any clashing so their performance was good!

The real tests would be next week. Yun Hua did not have much to say, just the normal stuff about working on what they were weak at.

After dismissal on Friday, Yun Hua packed her things up quickly and left. They were going to make their way to the provincial capital then to the military hospital by themselves but there was already a jeep parked outside the school when they got there.

Yun Hua looked at Chu Yu but he shook his head, “I didn’t arrange for this, it should be…”

“Big brother Bao?”

“Probably.” Chu Yu pursed his lips and looked at Yun Hua speechlessly. Was she not being a little too overfamiliar?

Yun Hua did not think too much about it. Bao Si Qing’s big brother, big brother Bao it was then.

Seeing the two walk over, the second lieutenant in charge of driving came over and saluted, “The chief had me come over to pick you guys up!”


Taking the highway directly to the military hospital was much faster than their original route.

It was only 10pm by the time they arrived.

It had been 7 days already but Bao Si Qing was still in the sterile care room.

However, his condition did become much better.

“His condition for the week has been great, he can shift to a normal ward tomorrow.” The doctor said, “He’s young and healthy so his recovery rate is high after he got past the most crucial moment.

Standing outside the care room, Yun Hua looked at Bao Si Qing who was lying down on the bed. She felt very at ease.

He had survived, her rebirth seemed to not have caused him any real disaster.

“Miss Yun Hua, the second master has instructed us to let you see him after you come.” The doctor said quietly.

Yun Hua blinked in surprise but still nodded, changed into sterile clothes and went in.

Bao Si Qing laid on the bed with his eyes open. He suffered from fractures all over his body as well as injuries to his chest and head. Normally, he could only lie there, not even able to shift around.

Seeing Yun Hua enter the room, Bao Si Qing’s bloodshot eyes lit up as he spoke hoarsely, “You finally came! I’ve been waiting for so long!”

He had become skinny, his originally handsome face had shrunk. Due to weight loss, his bloodshot eyes seemed much big.

“How many days have you not slept for?” Yun Hua couldn’t help but ask.

Before she could finish speaking, Bao Si Qing yawned, “Man I’m beat, sit here for a while, I’ll take a quick nap, wake me up half an hour later…”

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