Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 181]


“So your name is Yun Hua. We’re past enemies or acquaintances now, you can call me Ah Wen from now on.” The tattooed fat man said while driving.

“Brother Ah Wen.” Yun Hua chuckled.

“Hey, I wouldn’t dare. Brother Qi has recognized you as his sister, how could I possibly have you call me brother. If Brother Qi were to find out, he’d skin me alive. Call me Ah Wen!”

Yun Hua had no choice.

“Remember my number, I’ll rush over whenever you need my help. Rest assured!”

After getting off the car, Chu Yu glanced at Yun Hua, “Pay attention to your safety. That Qin Qi isn’t an ordinary person. I’ll look into him in my free time.”

“…” Yun Hua was at a loss of words before quickly saying, “No need. For now, he doesn’t seem like a bad person, don’t go digging up other people’s background on a whim.”

Chu Yu frowned but still ended up nodding in agreement.

Bao Si Qing’s condition turned for the better and Yun Hua could finally somewhat ease the anxiety in her heart.

However, she skipped out on Fan Meng Yin… And she still has not explained herself to her…

Yun Hua clenched her phone, hesitating and wavering for a long time before calling Fan Meng Ying.

“I thought you had disappeared.” The call went through, Fan Meng Ying said with an ice cold tone.

Yun Hua quickly apologized, “I’m sorry Coach Fan, I’m very very sorry, I know that nothing I say will grant me your forgiveness…”

“No, you don’t have to ask for my forgiveness. It’s your future. Whether you come or not, what does that have to do with me?” Fan Meng Ying hang up immediately.

Yun Hua squeezed her phone tightly and sighed.

What should she do this weekend?

She wanted to go visit Bao Si Qing but she also had swim practice with Fan Meng Ying…

“Chu Yu, the military hospital isn’t that far from the provincial capital right?”

“Around 65km, why?” Chu Yu replied.

Yun Hua quickly said, “Do you think this would work? We go aheda and rent a car, nope, you don’t have a license. A taxi it is then. I’ll go for swim practice in the morning and spend the night visiting Bao Si Qing, is that fine?”

Chu Yu blinked and nodded, “Oh, sure.”

Chu Yu could finally be at ease!

She had placed aside her novel stuff for a long while, let the drafts publish based on a schedule.

Previously, Yun Hua was worried about Bao Si Qing so she could not write anything even if she tried. However, she had cleared away her troubles so she could finally get to work. She had no idea how the readers persisted with the 2,000 word chapters being published daily.

For 3 nights straight, Yun Hua would start writing after her dinner at 7pm, all the way until 11pm, increasing her stockpile by another 50,000 words worth of drafts.

She even remembered the blog she created and logged on to take a look.

From the creation of the blog, she had only made one post. It was a picture of a woman from the Qing Palace and the line “Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace, a dream of rebirth”.

Other than that, the blog was empty.

Despite being pathetic and empty, the blog still managed to pull over 200,000 views over a short 10 days!

Yun Hua was shocked!

After reading through the comments, Yun Hua finally understood the impact that [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace] had. Without her noticing, [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace] had already spread throughout the internet and brought about huge discussions on topics such as whether a modern person being sent back to the Qing Dynasty would actually be able to affect and change history.

From the intensity of the discussions, [Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace] could be counted as a phenomenon!

There were even some historians that joined in the discussion. Some praised the story while others criticized it, some even going so far as to call it garbage…

Yun Hua wasn’t affected. She had been rigorous enough but it was still a novel. With her speed of writing and publishing, there was no way to completely avoid mistakes. It was a good thing that other people were picking them out.

There was one more important point, only with dispute would there be passion.

In the future, novels, television shows and actors would even create topics that create dispute in order to bring attention and passion.

After logging onto QQ, Editor Sugar’s message quickly came in, “Revived Drawing, the simplified Chinese publishing contract has already been sent to your email! The terms are much better than what you requested!”


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  1. Thanks for updating! YH is going to be so tired in the upcoming days! I hope someone takes her aside and makes her rest – pursuing your dreams is all well and good, but you can’t collapse from doing too much!

    Stay safe, as always!


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