Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 175]


As expected, someone quickly came to the room to interrogate them.

It was a handsome young man in military uniform!

Oh my, he was really handsome.

He appeared to be around twenty-five to twenty-six years old. His military uniform was well ironed, and his back was perfectly straight. And from his expression, they could tell that he had been trained to resist against any desires.

He was extremely handsome.

Yun Hua couldn’t help but recall the feeling she had when she saw Bao Si Qing’s funeral photos for the first time. Fucking handsome. God must have been so jealous of Bao Si Qing’s handsomeness that he took him to the heavens!

Staring at this handsome young man, Yun Hua felt the same emotions! 

The man standing in front of her gave off a similar temperament to Bao Si Qing in his funeral photo. However, this man appeared to look slightly more mature than Bao Si Qing.

Bao Si Qing’s facial features were more delicate whereas this man’s facial features were more heroic. His handsome appearance was more manly!

Yun Hua’s gaze fell on his shoulder, and she saw two stripes and one star. Wow, he was a major!

A very young major!

Yun Hua suddenly widened her eyes.

The major swept his gaze across Chu Yu and Yun Hua’s face, until it finally fell onto Yun Hua’s face, “Answer my question. Are you one of Bao Si Qing’s family members?”

“… Yes.” Yun Hua nodded her head.

“What is your relationship with him?” the major asked.

The corners of Yun Hua’s mouth twitched slightly before she replied, “Uh, that…he is Bao Si Qing’s younger brother and I am his younger sister.”

“So, the three of you are siblings.” the major nodded his head as he replied.

Yun Hua summoned up all her courage and gave a soft ‘mhm’ in response.

“What are your names?” the major asked again.

Yun Hua could no longer speak, instead, she wanted to cover her face in embarrassment. She wanted to roast herself for telling such a stupid lie!

“Do you want to know who I am?” The corners of the major’s lips suddenly curled upwards.

Yun Hua’s eyes widened and nodded her head.

A smile spread across the major’s face and he said, “My name is Bao Si Nian. I am Bao Si Qing’s elder brother.”


Yun Hua wanted to find a crack in the ground and crawl inside.

Chu Yu quickly stood up and saluted Bao Si Nian, “Sir, my name is Chu Yu! My ID number is XXXX and I am a reserve member of the Holy Dragon Team! I heard that the boss is in critical condition here, so I came here to visit him!”

Bao Si Nian glanced at Chu Yu and said, “I’ll let your captain deal with you himself. What about you? Little girl, where did you come from?”

Yun Hua’s face turned red and she felt very uncomfortable under Bao Si Nian’s jocose gaze. “I… Bao Si Qing and I are… Friends…”

“Friends?” Bao Si Nian laughed and said, “I never realized that my younger brother liked having such a young friend.”

“…” The temperature of Yun Hua’s body was slowly rising; she found the situation to be extremely embarrassing.

“Your name is Yun Hua, am I correct?”

“Yes.” Yun Hua nodded her head. Even though she was in such an embarrassing situation, she still gritted her teeth and looked up at Bao Si Nian, “Brother Bao, how is Bao Si Qing doing? I know that we’re breaking military protocol, but… We are really worried about him…”

“If you’re worried about him, then you can just go and see him for yourself, “ Bao Si Nian said indifferently.

With that, Yun Hu and Chu Yu were led to Bao Si Qing’s ward before they could recover from their daze!

He was in the intensive care unit!

“He has just been resuscitated, but he’s not safe yet!” The tone of Bo Sinian’s voice was flat.

Yun Hua couldn’t help but glance at Bao Si Nian after noticing how indifferent he sounded. Was he really Bao Si Qing’s eldest brother or were all soldiers good at hiding their emotions?

“Let her put on sterile clothing so she can go in and talk to my younger brother,” Bao Si Nian ordered.

The doctor was a little worried, “Will this be alright? The second young master is in a very bad condition right now and his brain is seriously injured…”

“I believe she holds a special place in my younger brother’s heart. Before he lose consciousness, he had kept calling out the name, Hua Hua. Hua Hua is the name of this young lady. No matter what, she should be someone that my brother is worried about. Let’s give her a chance because there is nothing else that we can do.” Bao Si Nian raised his head and looked up, making sure that no one could see the overflowing emotions from his eyes nor the tears that were threatening to overflow…


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