Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 176]


Yun Hua suddenly remembered that Bao Si Qing might be gravely injured.

She recalled that Bao Si Qing received a special grade merit due to this mission. A person needed to contribute a heroic deed or sacrifice their life for the country in order for that person to receive a special grade merit!

Even so, Bao Si Qing received it!

Completing an extremely important mission was one reason and the other was that he was also gravely injured!

When Yun Hua saw the life-threatening situation that Bao Si Qing was in, she couldn’t hold back her emotions.

While changing into the sterile clothing, she listened to the doctor as he informed her about the precautions she needed to take before entering the intensive care unit. The doctor also informed her about his injury without leaving any details behind it!

He was shot in his abdomen by a bullet. The bullet had penetrated his stomach and caused the digestive fluids in his stomach to flow into his abdominal cavity… The corrosive nature of the digestive fluids was causing problems in his abdominal cavity… It was extremely painful!

There were also many fractures throughout his body because he fell off a cliff. When he landed below the cliff, his head had hit a stone, causing internal bleeding in his brain.

Had he received treatment earlier, then they would’ve been able to reduce the internal bleeding in his brain and a large blood clot wouldn’t have formed there…

However, he did not receive treatment in time.

The doctor told her that it was a miracle for him to be able to scout out the enemy’s camp with the injuries he sustained.

It was… It was not something a human can accomplish!

Yet, he managed to do it.

The internal bleeding would cause a person to fall into a coma or face life-threatening health issues. In addition to that, the corrosive and infectious digestive fluids rotting his abdomen cavity as well the multiple fractures throughout his body… Were enough to cause him to die of excessive pain!

The level of pain he was currently experiencing was beyond the imagination of an ordinary person.

The pain he was feeling was similar to cutting open a person’s abdomen and pouring sulfuric acid inside…

At this moment, Yun Hua was standing in front of the hospital bed as she watched Bao Si Qing, who was in a deep coma. Tears pricked her eyes and flowed down uncontrollably from her cheeks.

She didn’t know whether he had suffered the same kind of grave injury in his previous life.

She didn’t even know if he would even wake up from his coma!

The doctor told her that the blood clot in his brain was too big. Even though they managed to remove it via surgery, the nerves around his brain were damaged…

His brain activity was very weak right now. From a medical standpoint, it was likely that he would soon become brain dead.

Even if he didn’t become brain dead, he may never be able to wake up again in his life!

Yun Hua, who was now wearing sterile clothing, bit her lips with force as tears streamed fell uncontrollably from her eyes.

“Bao Si Qing, did this happen because of me?”

Yun Hua’s voice was very low as she whispered, “Did this happen because of me? Was it because of me that you became like this? Did the butterfly effect of my rebirth cause this to happen? Is it because I intervened in your mission with Chu Yu and changed the plot of the original timeline bringing you disaster…”

Yun Ha felt that if… If she could turn back time, then Bao Si Qing would be alive just like in her previous life. She would rather… Rather that she was never given a second chance if she could prevent this from happening!

The reason she had lived such a wretched life was that she was stupid in her previous life!

She deserved every bit of it!

In her previous life, she loved Qi Zi Heng so much that she completely lost a sense of her true self. She loved him so deeply that she gave up her dignity and everything else for him…

Everything that happened in her previous life was all her fault.

She deserved to die!

She had no one else to blame but herself!

But if her rebirth changed the plot of this world and caused the death of Bao Si Qing…

Then Yun Hua would never be able forgive herself!

What virtues or abilities did she have?

How could an idiot like her be worthy of wasting four years of his life?

No, no, no!

She didn’t want that!

Yun Hua was wearing sterile gloves as she held onto his pale and cold hand, “Please wake up! I rather… Rather this all be a dream instead.”

“I would rather open my eyes right now and still be in that mental hospital…”

“I would rather continue to suffer that humiliation and torture…”

“I would rather have all my happiness burst like bubbles…”

“I would rather still be enveloped in that endless darkness…”

Large droplets of tears streamed from Yun Hua’s eyes as she held onto his hand tightly. She closed her eyes.

“As long as you wake up, I would… Wish that I had never been reborn!”


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6 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 176]

  1. Thank you.
    That somehow pissed me off. If he wakes up she would wish she was dead?! What is the point!!
    Self blame can be understood. But come on. Thinking he would be happy? And in original timeline he later on died if I remember correctly?


    • I think she’s making a plea to God(s) at this point. She thinks she was reborn due to her resentment, so shes saying “So long as you wake up, I would trade anything”. She did word it in a frustrating way but people rarely speak rationally when bargaining.

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  2. This just seems stupid how would her being reborn in her earlier body affect something that happens in a different country it’s just stupid to think that it would.

    What if I was reborn back into my body 4 years ago will North Korea nuke the world no of course they wouldn’t as my life wouldn’t affect North Korea


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