Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 174]


Military hospitals were actually a common sight.

In this era, military hospitals had long been opened to the public. The military hospitals would admit civilians for treatment. Military hospitals usually had better treatments for injuries and trauma.

It was very common for major cities to have a few military hospitals.

However, the military hospital that Chu Yu brought Yun Hua to was around military region Z. This hospital was not open to the public.

They drove for a while and wandered through the region until they finally reached the hospital. However, they weren’t even allowed to enter the hospital when they arrived at its entrance.

“Don’t you have an ID card?” Yun Hua couldn’t help but ask Chu Yu.

The corner of Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, “I’m only a backup member of the team. And… Even if I become a part of the actual team in the future, I will probably be providing technical support from the sideline most of the time. It’s not easy to join the frontline.”

Yun Hua looked at the sky.

“Then… Can we climb over the wall?” Yun Hua looked around, but before Chu Yu could speak, she answered her own question, “Fine, forget my stupid question. Can we wait here by the door and see if you can meet an acquaintance that can help us get in?”

Chu Yu wanted to cover his face with his hand. He had never been so embarrassed before!

Yun Hua had always acted in a rational, calm, prudent, and wise manner. So why did she… Become such a foolish little girl now?!

The guards at the gates of the military hospital carried loaded rifles. They had already seen Yun Hua and Chu Yu loitering around the hospital. After a while, someone came over to them and greeted them with a standard military salute.

Chu Yu saluted back subconsciously!

Yu Hua glanced at Chu Yu, and hurriedly followed his example and gave the guard a military salute too. But since she didn’t have any training, her salute was somewhat sloppy…

“Comrades, what’s wrong?” the young guard asked with a stern expression on his face.

Chu Yu’s face flushed red in embarrassment. He didn’t know how to respond.

Unlike Yun Hua, Chu Yu was still part of the system. After all, Yun Hua had experienced a less conventional lifestyle ten years into the future. She even knew how to act cute in front of army officers! In the future, there was no distinction between military officers and ordinary citizens!

Yun Hua admired soldiers, but she was not afraid of them, “Hi, brother. We’re looking for someone in the hospital…”

Before she could even finish speaking, the young guard’s face had already turned scarlet red in embarrassment, “You can just address me as comrade!

Chu Yu had already turned his face to the side. He probably did that because he didn’t want others to know that they were friends. He reminded himself to tell Yun Hua that she cannot address people like that in the future! If his boss heard her intimately addressing other men as brothers, then he would probably kill them all!

Yun Hua coughed lightly because she was a little embarrassed, but she quickly recovered with a bright smile and said, “Hello comrade, we want to find someone in the hospital.”

“Do you have an entry pass?”

“… No.”

“Who are you looking for? Did you make an appointment? Are you family members of one of the patients? Or are you one of the doctors’ family members?”

“We are one of the patient’s family members,” Yun Hua said quickly.

“Which patient?” The guard was very dedicated to his job, “Do you know his name, ID number, and room number?”

“…” Yun Hua turned towards Chu Yu for help.

Chu Yu’s neck was bright red. He turned to face the guard as he said, “Name: Bao Si Qing; ID number…”

The guard’s expression changed as soon as he finished speaking. The young guard was quite relaxed and friendly towards them before, but now, he was on full alert! 


A few minutes later, Yun Hua and Chu Yu were brought to and locked up in the guard’s room.

Yun Hua glared at Chu Yu and said, “Did you say something that you shouldn’t have?”

Chu Yu covered his face in embarrassment. He felt like his IQ had dropped a lot… It must have been Yun Hua’s fault!

It was fine if Yun Hua didn’t know any better, but how did he become stupid too?

Most of the people had never heard of or seen his boss’s ID number. However, anyone who knew his boss’s ID number would have known that his ID number was a closely guarded secret!

As one of the security guards stationed in the hospital around this military district, the guard must have a vague idea about what those numbers meant.

It was a classified secret!

Yet such a classified secret was casually given out by two young kids. It was impossible for the guard not to be nervous.

As a result, they were invited for a chat!

In a few moments, someone would definitely come here to interrogate them…


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