Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 173]


When Chu Yu tried entering the room once again, he almost bumped his head against the door frame. Luckily, Yun Hua managed to grab onto him and pulled him back in time.

“Chu Yu, what’s with you in the past two days?” Yun Hua asked with a serious expression on her face.

Chu Yu was distracted for a moment before he shook his head and said, “It’s nothing.”

“Doesn’t seem that way to me!” Yun Hua stared at him and asked, “What happened? Could it be… That something happened to Bao Si Qing again? Didn’t he return back to China? Wasn’t he admitted to a military hospital… Wait a moment, is he injured very seriously? Did his injuries worsen?”

Yun Hua’s breathing almost came to a stop.

Chu Yu clenched his fists; his eyes were scarlet when he said, “Boss… Received emergency medical resuscitation again this afternoon…”

“…” Yun Hua’s leg became a little soft, and she could barely stand on her two feet, “How is he? How is his condition now?”

Chu Yu turned his face to the side and said, “They’re still trying to resuscitate him.”

Yun Hua was suddenly feeling a little dizzy.

She kept breathing and breathing, trying to calm herself down. She wanted to say something, but no words would come out of her mouth.

After a long time had passed, Yun Hua finally calmed herself down and said, “No, he will definitely be okay! I’m certain that he will be fine! Absolutely nothing will happen to him!”

Chu Yu suddenly nodded his head and agreed, “That’s right, the boss will definitely be fine!”

Yun Hua bit her thumb, but the pain still couldn’t clear up her chaotic mind.

“C-can I visit him?” Yun Hua couldn’t help but ask.

After asking the question, she became slightly uneasy again.

Why did she want to see Bao Si Qing so badly?

She didn’t have any relations with Bao Si Qing…

Chu Yu was one of Bao Si Qing’s teammates, so it was natural for him to visit his injured boss. But she…

At first, Bao Si Qing was like an unreachable and imaginary hero in her mind. He was a martyr who had been pushed onto the altar to sacrifice himself for the good of his country. He was a hero on CTV news. People considered him as Mr. Perfect in military uniform!

He was like a character that only existed in a legend.

But after she got to know him, Yun Hua realized that he was not as aloof as she had once imagined. The unapproachable Mr. Perfect in military uniform was in fact, a ruffian, a rogue…

But she had to admit that he was very attentive and… Manly!

Especially after she found out that he forced Xiao Ru Yue to a position where she was unable to defend herself using the voice recording and that he punished He Yu Xiang mercilessly on her behalf…

After that, Yun Hua’s feelings for him became a little more complicated!

For someone of his status, it was… Too disgraceful and childish for him to stoop to such a level!

Even so, he still did those things for her.

He used somewhat underhanded, ridiculous, and childish methods to avenge her…

Yun Hua had never met someone like him in the two lives she lived.

This was the first time someone had ignored their status and stooped to such a low level to avenge her and help her vent her anger…

Yun Hua wasn’t completely sure of her feelings towards Bao Si Qing, but she knew one thing for sure, that she absolutely did not want anything to happen to him! 

“I believe that the boss’s return to China has been kept a secret…” Chu Yu was in a difficult situation due to Yun Hua’s request, “The hospital in the military district would definitely be heavily guarded. Even I might not even be able to visit him…”

If Chu Yu was unable to visit his boss, then it stands to reason that Yun Hua probably wouldn’t be able to either.

What should she do?

“Why don’t we head there first?” Yun Hua bit her lip and said, “Even if… Even if I can’t visit him, it’ll be fine as long as I can ask about his condition.”

Chu Yu couldn’t bear to correct her. If his boss’s return to China was confidential, then all information regarding his boss in this country would be kept confidential. That includes information about his injury… It would definitely be kept confidential!

“Okay, let’s head there first and have a look.” Chu Yu nodded.

It was Wednesday, a school day, so she took another two days off from school. She then used Fan Meng Ying as an excuse to deceive Jiang Huan Qing. The two people hit the road and their destination was the hospital in the military district!


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