Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 169]


The fat man and his men had just entered the corridor when Han Fang Zhou came rushing over, sprinting like he was in a 100m race.

When he saw the fat man’s group, Han Fang Zhou tensed up, readying for a fight.

The fat man saw Han Fang Zhou and snorted, “Tell your old man that I’ll definitely make him regret if he tries to run away from his debt to us!”

The fat man led his group away, rubbing shoulders with Han Fang Zhou as they passed each other.

Han Fang Zhou’s originally cold expression tightened.

He ignored the fat man and rushed home.

“Brother you’re finally back!” Han Yu Nuo had been holding back all these while and she finally broke into tears.

Han Fang Zhou hugged her sister, took a glance at her mother to ensure that she was fine then turned to look at Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang.

Zhan Shi Bang had already curled up into a ball, trying to suppress his presence.

Yun Hua smiled at Han Fang Zhou, “My apologies, coming to your house without your permission…”

“Brother, it was thanks to Sister Hua that we are fine! Sister Hua went to talk to them and they ended up letting us go!” Han Yu Nuo quickly said.

Han Fang Zhou’s expression remained dark and he looked at Yun Hua with a frown.

Yun Hua cleared her throat, “I didn’t do much, I just gave them a scare. Uh… Since you’re back, we’ll take our leave. My mom will be opening her store tomorrow so I have to go and see if there’s anything they need help with.”

“I’ll help you out too.” Zhan Shi Bang sprang up from the seat and moved behind Yun Hua, trying to use her small body frame to hide his own burly one.

“Brother, can we let Sister Hua and that bad brother eat at our house?” Han Yu Nuo grabbed Han Fang Zhou’s hand and shook it.

Bad brother?! Zhan Shi Bang took critical damage but he did not dare say anything.

“I can’t, I really have to help out with my mom’s store.” Yun Hua quickly said, “Nuo Nuo, my mom’s store will be opening tomorrow, will you please come visit and try it out?”

“Really? I can go too?” Han Yu Nuo’s eyes lit up but she quickly recovered and shook her head, “Thank you Sister Hua, but I have to stay home and take care of my mother, I’ll go on another day!”

“It’s fine, you go enjoy yourself, I’ll get our neighbour aunty Liu to help me. Go have a good time.” Xu Ya Mei smiled.

“Mm, it’ll be quick, it won’t take long.” Yun Hua told Han Yu Nuo.

But Han Yu Nuo still looked towards Han Fang Zhou.

Han Fang Zhou nodded lightly and Han Yu Zhou’s little face lit up with happiness and excitement!

“Aunty, please rest well, we’ll take our leave first. We’ll come and visit another day!” Yun Hua said.

“Let Zhou Zhou send you guys off.” Xu Ya Mei said.

Han Fang Zhou sent Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang downstairs. Throughout this process, his expression was cold, so cold that it seemed as if it could freeze someone to death.

Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang looked at each other, both feeling a little guilty. After all, they had gone to Han Fang Zhou’s house without his permission. Him getting angry… Is perfectly understandable!

“Eh, here is fine, nothing will happen with Zhan Shi Bang around. Aunt and Nuo Nuo are probably still a little rattled so you should head back first.” Yun Hua quickly said, “Oh yes, Zhan Shi Bang, go stand there, I’ve got some stuff for Hang Fan Zhou.”

Zhan Shi Bang pursed his lips,” Sister Hua, what secret are you leaving me out of…”

Under Hang Fang Zhou’s cold and stern stare, Zhan Shi Bang shut his mouth and went to a telephone post and camped there.

Yun Hua did not mention what she told Brother Qi, only saying that Brother Qi gave them a chance, “The debt has been cleared. However, I asked for their help to continue coming to chase after the debt, even giving your father a harsh lesson. Hopefully, it’d be enough to scare him off gambling forever… I couldn’t tell aunty and Nuo Nuo this, but I can’t hide from you. I’m sorry that I did this and it might frighten your father… Those men probably would do very scary things but I can guarantee that they wouldn’t hurt your father, only give him a good scare, put him through some hardship and hopefully stop him from gambling anymore…”


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