Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 168]


Those that messed around in society tend to play things safer.

The fat man hesitated for a while but still decided to make the call in the end.

“Brother Qi, I’m out with the boys to collect debts. Yes… There’s this kid who says that she has interesting information for you, so I gave you a call… Ok.”

The fat man passed the phone to Yun Hua.

Yun Hua took the phone over and headed out of the house, the fat man quickly followed behind.

Zhan Shi Bang and Han Yu Nuo’s face clearly showed the panic they were feeling as they tried to follow along before getting stopped by the other men.

Yun Hua stood in the corridor with the phone in hand.

Humans are adverse to danger. The previously bustling corridor had become deserted upon the arrival of the fat man and his henchmen, with every door and window shut tightly…

Yun Hua lowered her voice as she spoke into the phone, “Brother Qi, I’ll skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point. I know that you avoid dealing with drugs in your business but the gains for drugs are really high so there will always be people who are willing to take the risk for money. This year happens to be pretty rough, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. The government is running a drug busting operation, I’m not exactly sure of the details, but I’m sure they’re close by. You can be certain that you don’t deal with drugs but can you be sure that your subordinates don’t? Can you be certain that your competitors won’t “give you a hand” in dealing with drugs? The ministry of public security is the one spearheading this time’s operation so I’m sure you understand the severity. Hence, compared to having this group of men going around to collect debt, you’re better off having them do a thorough check through your organisation… Brother Qi, there are a lot of people who would kill to have your position!”

“Also, I’ll leave you with this piece of advice. Sometimes, too much kindness may end up breeding hatred.”

Having finished speaking, Yun Hua passed the phone back to the fat man.

Due to the distance and Yun Hua suppressing her voice, the fat man didn’t get to hear the conversation clearly.

He took the phone over, still somewhat untrusting, and started sucking up on the phone, “Brother Qi, was the girl spewing bullshit? I wasn’t going to make the call at first but just in case… Ah? What? This…”

The fat man’s eyes widened as he stared at Yun Hua in surprise. He quickly nodded and replied, “Yes Brother Qi, I understand, yes, alright!”

The fat man kept his phone and looked at Yun Hua curiously, “You really told Brother Qi something worthwhile?”

Yun Hua shrugged, “You can go ahead and ask him.”

The fat man shook his head, “Brother Qi waived Han Xin Hua‘s debt. Just what did you tell him?”

Yun Hua fell silent for a while before raising her head, “Help me out here. Against gambling addicts like Han Xin Hua, you guys probably have methods apart from chasing them downing right…”

The fat man chuckled, “Why? What do you want to do.”

Yun Hua smiled lightly and got close to the fat man before speaking in a hushed voice, “Help me out here, your Brother Qi should agree to something this small…”

“Wow you sure are harsh!” The fat man’s eyes widened up on hearing Yun Hua’s words. Even though he said that Yun Hua was harsh but his eyes had lit up, clearly displaying his excitement, “Yes it’s going to be fun but I’ll have to get Brother Qi’s approval before I can help you out with this!”

Yun Hua smiled and nodded, “Sure. I’ve help your Brother Qi a great deal, there’s no way he’d refuse such a small request.”

The fat man glanced at Yun Hua before heading back into the house and targeted Han Yu Nuo and Xu Ya Mei, “Han Xin Hua isn’t here today so we won’t put you in a tight spot. When he comes back, let him know that one can’t escape easily from a debt owed to us, the Xi Chuan Chamber of Commerce!”

Finishing his declaration, the fat man called his man off. As he went past Yun Hua, he gave her a wink.


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5 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 168]

  1. Ha ha ha! I always have mixed feeling about gangs who don’t deal in drugs – violence is bad, but it’s usually contained, whereas drugs… can ruin so many people’s lives. They’re not exactly paradigms of virtue, but one can’t help rooting for them over other gangs which do dabble in drugs, you know?

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter, and stay safe!


    • How to say, its a lesser evil?
      The more damage it does to people, naturally, the more fiercely we feel about it.
      But comparison is comparison, evil is evil, and damage is damage. Even seemingly insignificant things can cause surprsing damage, so while I kinda agree with your point I also want to take the time to remind everyone (with the kindest of intentions) that every action has its consequences.


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