Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 167]


A few fierce looking men squeezed their way into the house.

The already cramped house suddenly felt suffocative.

“Where is Han Xin Hua! Come out now. He agreed to return us the money yesterday but he didn’t show up at all. He just had to force us to show up in person, ask him to come out!” The fat man standing in front had tattoos across his arm and a thick gold chain hung around his neck.

Han Yu Nuo was trembling in fear but she did not retreat. She stood up and pleaded, “Uncles, my dad isn’t home, he really isn’t home…”

“He might not be home, but you guys are.” The fat man laughed coldly, “You better return the money today, else, it’d be a smashing, a merciless smashing!”

Han Yu Nuo shivered, her eyes red and her face full of panic.

The pale and skinny Xu Ya Mei forced herself to stand up, “Han Xin Hua really isn’t home, he hasn’t been home for a while already…”

“Bullshit! Someone saw him come back yesterday!”

Xu Ya Mei’s expression turned ghastly, “Then can you guys sit here and wait? These two kids are my son’s classmates, let them go home first, there’s no need to scare these children…”

“Nope.” The fat man laughed coldly again, “No one will leave until Han Xin Hua returns the money!”

Xu Ya Mei and Han Yu Nuo looked at each other. Both mother and daughter were ashamed and looked at Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang apologetically.

Zhan Shi Bang nudged Yun Hua, “Now what?”

Yun Hua fell silent and thought for a while before standing up, “How much money does Han Xin Hua owe you guys?”

“Nothing much, including interest, 100k!” The fat man said.

The expressions of Xu Ya Mei and Han Yu Nuo changed drastically. Han Yu Nuo could not hold back and blurted out, “Wasn’t it 10k? How did it become 100k?”

“Of course there is interest! We are not running a charity!” The fat man laughed coldly, “Don’t borrow if you can’t pay, pay if you borrowed! Owe money, pay money, that’s justice!”

“High interest loans aren’t protected by the law!” Yun Hua said with a cold tone, “the law states that any interpersonal loan with interest rate of more than 4 times of the bank’s would count as high interest loans and are not protected by law. Meaning that if he borrowed 10k from you guys, even if it was brought to the courts, you would at most get slightly more than 10k! Furthermore, this 10k is gambling debt right? Gambling debts are not recognised!”

The fat man’s expression changed, “So what if it is gambling debt? So what if it isn’t protected by law? This is Brother Qi’s territory, his words are the law!”

“That’s right, what does this brat understand? So what if the court doesn’t recognise it? We’ll just bring everyone here and have a party. What can the law or the police do about that?”

“This brat is too sheltered. You’ll understand when you grow older, there are a bunch of things that the law can’t control!”

Yun Hua’s expression did not change.

But she understood that everything they had said was the truth.

Even if the debt was invalid in the law’s eyes, so what? The average person would never meet these ruffians but they would not be able to handle them if they really did bump into each others.

After remaining silent for a minute, Yun Hua looked up at the fat man, “The name of your boss is Qin Qi right?”

“So what if it is? There are plenty of people who have heard of the name of our boss!”

“Bring me to meet him.” Yun Hua said, “I have a piece of information for him, he’ll definitely be interested!”

“Heh, how could a brat like you give Brother Qi any information!” The fat guy would not believe her.

Yun Hua smiled, “Why not just give him a call? What happens if I really do have information for him?”


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