Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 170]


 Han Fang Zhou stayed silent and looked at Yun Hua.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and said quietly, “I’m sorry but I went ahead and made this decision by myself. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, I… I’ll contact them…”

“Thank you.”

Han Fang Zhou’s voice was very soft but Yun Hua heard it clearly.

“Oh. It’s alright as long as you don’t mind me butting in. After all… He is your father, but I went and got Brother Qi’s men to teach him a lesson… It’s disrespecting an elder no matter how you look at it…” Yun Hua said quietly.

In Chinese culture, childrens don’t talk about their parents’ mistakes, but a father should still behave like a father should, right?

Yun Hua has seen alcoholics and problem gamblers. These people were no better than drug addicts and could easily destroy a family.

Countless problem gamblers ended up bringing ruin to their families.

The scarier thing was that gambling and drugs were similar in the sense that both are easily to get hooked on and especially hard to remove completely!

While they might have cleared his current debts, he could easily go back to gambling and end up getting himself into debt again, causing the same cycle to start again.

“It’s fine as long as you’re not angry. I’ll leave first with Zhan Shi Bang, see you.” Yun Hua breathed a sigh of relief and waved goodbye to Han Fang Zhou before leaving with Zhan Shi Bang.

Han Fang Zhou stood in place, watching them leave, only turning to return home after they had completely left his sight.

“Brother, has Sister Hua left?” Han Yu Nuo asked immediately upon seeing Han Fang Zhou. Han Yu Nuo was transferring the medicine into a bowl.

Han Fang Zhou took the bowl from his sister’s hand and brought it to his mother’s room.

After coming out of the room, he spotted the two cups on the table, a pale blue one and a pale pink one. Han Fang Zhou stared at the two cups for a while before picking up the pink one and returning to his room.

Within a short while, Han Yu Nuo called out, “Brother, have you seen my cup? It was here just now but it’s gone now…”

“Use mine first.” Han Fang Zhou said.

“I don’t want to, the bad guy brother used your cup, no way I’m using it.” Han Yu Nuo said.

“I’ll get you another one later.”

Han Yu Nuo pouted. All of sudden, she remembered something and trotted off to Han Fang Zhou’s room, pushing the door open. As she expected, the pink cup was sitting on Han Fang Zhou’s bedside table.”

“Brother! Why would you steal my cup?” Han Yu Nuo said with her hands on her hips, “Oh… Must be because Sister Hua had used it, aren’t I right… Brother, didn’t you hate pink…”

On Wednesday, the shop ran by the two mothers held its grand opening.

They mainly sold Mala soup with some other side dishes and snacks on the side. To the students, this place could settle their 3 daily meals.

Due to the good location, great variety of soup, generous portions and great taste, the shop was filled to the brim on the very first day!

The students of class 15 who were supposed to be guests ended up becoming part of the crew, serving dishes, washing plates, helping out in the kitchen, manning the cashier… They were all awfully busy!

On Friday, Fan Meng Ying called and asked Yun Hua to head to the provincial swimming center on Saturday.

Yun Hua had not finish deciding and there was still no news on Bao Si Qing after those days, so Yun Hua was feeling a little restless.

Her greatest fear would be that her rebirth would change too many people’s destiny. It would be fine if the change was from bad to good, but if it was the other way around, she would not be able to deal with the guilt.

Maybe her prayers really did go through because there was finally news about Bao Si Qing!

After school was dismissed in the afternoon, Chu Yu ran over to find her, “The boss has returned to the country safely and is receiving treatment in a military hospital!”


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