Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 166]


“Hi aunty, do you know which level Han Fang Zhou lives on?”

Yun Hua quickly approached an aunty who was sitting on the stairs prepping vegetables.

“Oh, Xiao Zhou’s house, it’s on the third floor, the door furthest in.” The aunty pointed with her finger, “Are you guys Xiao Zhou’s classmates? Did Xiao Zhou cause problems in school?”

“Nope, we’re just here to visit him.” Yun Hua smiled and went upstairs with Zhan Shi Bang.

The corridors in the building were extremely narrow. Metal wires were strung from the ceiling and various clothing were hung on them.

Stoves lined the corridor. This was where the residents cooked their food.

These were serious safety hazards!

Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang walked to the end of the corridor and saw a little girl around the age of ten preparing dishes and medicine on a stove.

“Nuo Nuo, how’s your mother today?” A lady in her thirties asked the girl as she came out to retrieve her clothings.

The little girl replied with a smile, “She’s feeling better, the medicine is working pretty well this time.”

“What about your dad, did he come home last night?”

The smile on the girl’s face vanished as she nodded her head in silence.

The lady sighed, “Your dad must have come home to take money. Spending his days drunk and gambling everything away… Haish!”

The girl lowered her head, quietly removing the dishes and medicine away, putting a kettle of water on to boil.

“Hello, is this Han Fang Zhou’s house?” Yun Hua asked.

The girl quickly raised her head and looked at Yun Hua, “You are…”

“We are Han Fang Zhou’s classmates.” Yun Hua said with a smile.

The girl’s eyes lit up. She stared at Yun Hua for a bit before quickly saying, “Are you… Yun Hua?”

“You know me?” Yun Hua was a little surprised.

The girl smiled, “My name is Han Yu Nuo, you can just call me Nuo Nuo. My brother has mentioned you so many times!”

“I’m called Zhan Shi Ban, did Brother Han mention me?” Zhan Shi Bang quickly squeezed himself into the conversation.

Han Yu Nuo’s smile grew wider, “My brother said you aren’t a good guy.”

“…” Zhan Shi Bang felt like he had been stabbed, “How am I not a good guy…”

Han Yu Nuo led Yun Hua and Zhan Shi Bang into the house. It was cramped but clean and neat inside the house, “Please take a seat, I’ll get some water.”

“It’s alright, there’s no need.” Yun Hua quickly waved her hand.

But Han Yu Nuo insisted. She took two cups out of the cupboard and washed them thoroughly before pouring water into them, “Sorry, we don’t have extra cups in our house but don’t worry, I’ve washed them plenty of times, they’re clean!”

“It’s alright, don’t worry.” The girl in front of her was very thoughtful, reminding Yun Hua of herself when she was still living in the village.

“I’ll let my mom know, it’s the first time any of my brother’s classmates have come over to our house!” Han Yu Nuo ran into the master bedroom with a smile.

Soon enough, a skinny and sickly lady appeared, supported by Han Yu Nuo. She said while coughing intermittently, “You guys are Zhou Zhou’s classmates. I hope Zhou Zhou hasn’t cause trouble at school…”

Zhou Zhou? Zhan Shi Bang nearly spat out the water in his mouth!

Yun Hua quickly stood up and help support Han Zhou Fang’s mother to the seat, “Nope, Han Fang Zhou is our class leader and his studies are good, the class and the teachers all like him very much!”

Xu Ya Mei smiled, “Don’t lie to me, how could the class and the teachers like Zhou Zhou with his personality and his mean manner of speech? Impossible.”

Before Yun Hua could say anything, a flurry of footsteps was heard from outside.

Soon after that, the wooden door was kicked out, “Where is Han Xin Hua? He promised to pay up yesterday, where is he!”


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