Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 165]


After school, Yun Hua made the announcement about inviting the part of the class to the restaurant her mother had set up and made it clear that there would be an invite every week.

Tomorrow would be the first time but there were too many students to fit the entire class, so the invites would be treated like rewards to students who had performed well. However, they would bring back some food so that the other students would also get a chance to try out the food!

After that, she got another class to monitor class 15 and deal out the rewards and punishments. Then, she left with Zhan Shi Bang.

“Sister Hua, are we really going? I’m afraid that Brother Han will get angry…” Zhan Shi Bang dragged his feet. At some point, he even hugged a lamp post and refused to go.

Yun Hua glared at Zhan Shi Bang, “Answer this question, what do you think of the current Class 15?”

“It’s good.” Zhan Shi Bang nodded without hesitation, “I never thought that there would be a day where I could compete with others academically! This is the first time that I’ve felt meaning in studying. It feels so fulfilling when I gain those knowledge!”

“Who do you think is responsible for this situation?” Yun Hua asked.

“That’s obvious, it’s you!”

Yun Hua shook her head, “Nope, I’m just one of the factors. There are many people who deserve to be thanked. Han Fan Zhou, you, teacher Gu, Pei Zi Xuan, Li Qian Mo and everyone in class 15!”

“Eh…” Zhan Shi Bang was lost.

Yun Hua continued, “Han Fang Zhou played a big part in this! If it wasn’t for him, do you think I can carry out my plans in class 15? It’s precisely due to his leadership that brought the class together! Why did he insist on running those 20 laps? If he doesn’t do it, will anyone say anything? Nope. However, he is the basis of the rules in class 15. The moment he doesn’t follow those rules, everyone else will stop doing so too!”

Zhan Shi Bang pursed his lips and nodded slightly after a few moments of thought.

He understood Han Fang Zhou very well and he understood his classmates even better. It was obvious that Yun Hua’s words were the truth.

“Something must have happened at home, now he can’t handle both their livelihood and his studies. He’s trying his best to finish the tasks, trying to uphold the rules but what if something really happens and he really can’t carry on… Have you ever considered who can take over his role if he has to leave the class?”

Yun Hua looked at Zhan Shi Bang solemnly, “By that point, whatever desire for glory class 15 has would disappear in an instant. Can you imagine that?”

Zhan Shi Bang’s expression turned to a serious and solemn one.

He liked the current class 15 and believes that everyone else feels the same, but he also knows that Yun Hua was right. The moment Han Fang Zhou disappears, all of the rules and order in Class 15 would crumble…

“You’re right, but what can we do even if something is happening?” Zhan Shi Bang couldn’t help but ask.

Yun Hua shook her head, “I don’t know for now, we’ll try to understand the situation first. If we can help out, we’ll all help! Class 15 will never leave anyone behind!”


Zhan Shi Bang finally yielded and led Yun Hua to Han Fang Zhou’s house.

The Han family lived in a normal alley within the city, in a packed residential building from the 70s and 80s. It used to be a dorm for a brewery but the brewery had long closed down.

Those who had money would have left already, those that remained, typically had financial difficulties..

This, was where the Han family stayed.


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