Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 164]


“Sister Hua, please come to the field, brother Han has gone insane!”

He Zhi Hang ran into the classroom from the fields; he was completely out of breath.

The expression on Yun Hua’s face changed as she asked, “What happened?”

“Brother Han ran… ran ten laps and is still running. He ever started running faster and faster!” He Zhi Hang said as he gasped for breath.

Yun Hua frowned.

“Let’s go and have a look.” Yun Hua didn’t have time to think, instead, she quickly followed He Zhi Hang and Zhan Shi Bang to the sports field.

Even from afar, she could see a man running like crazy on the sports field.

“Has he been running until now?” Yun Hua asked quickly.

He Zhi Hang nodded his head quickly.

He has already ran numerous laps, yet he continues to run at such an alarming speed. Was he planning to run himself to death?

He wasn’t this fast the last time they raced against each other!

Yun Hua clearly knew that Han Fang Zhou had allowed her to win during the race. It was a tacit understanding between the two of them because they both wanted Class 15 to have a brighter future.

However, the current Han Fang Zhou was venting his emotions out by running.

Yun Hua frowned and immediately ran to block Han Fang Zhou’s path.

But Han Fang Zhou, who was crazily immersed in running, ran around Yun Hua and continued to run forward.

“Han Fang Zhou, stop running!” Yun Hua chased after him. When she caught up to him, she grabbed his arm.

Han Fang Zhou continued to run, but Yun Hua prevented him from running by holding onto his arm and refusing to let go. Han Fang Zhou’s expression was extremely unsightly, “I still haven’t finished running!”

“You are not allowed to run more than ten laps at a time!” Yun Hua said coldly, “Did you forget about that rule?”

Han Fang Zhou pursed his lips and said, “I can only run the laps right now.”

Yun Hua fell silent for a moment, and then she asked, “Do you not have enough time? Will you be able to keep up with your academic progress? You have a very good foundation in math…”

“I have enough time.” Han Fang Zhou interrupted her., “Let me go. I only have a few laps left and then I will be done.”

Yun Hua clenched her hands, “Even if you finish running all the laps this time, what about next time? Do you plan on running every day in the future?”

Han Fang Zhou pursed his lips and suddenly looked up at Yun Hua, “I can handle it.”

Yun Hua took in a deep breath, “Do you mind inviting me and Zhan Shi Bang to your house to play?”

Han Fangzhou abruptly raised his head and stared at Yun Hua. He solemnly shook his head and said, “No.”

“Then I’ll invite you guys to my house.” Yun Hu said, “Tomorrow, my mom and her partner will open a hot spicy soup shop. I will invite all the students who have placed first, and the students ranked in the top ten of the weekly comprehensive exams to sample some of the food. As for other students, I will pack some food and bring it to them to sample.”

“When is it?”

“It will be at noon tomorrow,” Yun Hua said.

Han Fang Zhou hesitated for a second before nodding. But he continued insisting on finishing the remaining laps today.

Yun Hua was angry beyond words.

Han Fang Zhou had already ran 13 laps at top speed. If he really finished running all 20 laps, then he will definitely fall sick!

“If you finish all 20 laps by yourself right now, then our classmates will find out that you purposely allowed me to win during the race!” Yun Hua said unhappily. She waved her hands at Zhan Shi Bang and He Zhi Hang, “Come here. Han Fang Zhou still has 7 laps remaining. I will run three laps for him, and the two of you will run two laps each!”

Zhan Shi Bang opened his mouth immediately to ask, “You can run for someone else?”

Yun Hua glanced at them, “I’ve never said that you are not allowed to help other people run their laps. However, that is only allowed under the premise that they are willing to run the laps for you. You are not allowed to coerce or bribe someone else to run laps for you.”

Allowing the students to help each other will allow the students to form a closer bond and a stronger relationship.

Han Fang Zhou stood in the same spot as he quietly watched Yun Hua, Zhan Shi Bang, and He Zhi Hang help him run the remaining 7 laps. Yun Hua was running at a relatively quick speed while Zhan Shi Bang and He Zhi Hang were both running while joking around with each other.

The sun hung beautifully above the sky while Han Fang Zhou was drenched in sweat.

Even so, Han Fang Zhou wished he could stand there forever…


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