Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 163]


Hearing Chu Yu’s call, Yun Hua quickly ran over to him.

It was only then that Chu Yu started to notice the situation and asked her, “Who was here just now? Did anything happen?”

Yun Hua shook her head quickly and said, “It’s nothing. Are you calling me over because…”

“What are you two doing? I’m done cooking, it’s time to eat!” Jiang Huan Qing said.

“Mom, why don’t you fry the eggs that you’re holding? Chu Yu and I will come over shortly!” Yun Hua then dragged Chu Yu to his house.

“Tell me, is there any news about him?” Yun Hua was unable to mask her anxiousness.

Chu Yu rubbed his bloodshot eyes and nodded. His voice was unable to mask his excitement, “We managed to contact the boss. But we won’t be moving our troops yet. For the time being, our team has already joined forces with the border patrol police, anti-narcotics police, and the local army to work together!”

“Then… When will you guys finally finish your mission?” Yun Hua couldn’t help but ask.

Chu Yu shook his head, “It can take as short as three to five days, or as long as ten days to half a month. It’s hard to say.”

Yun Hua bit her lips and hesitated for a moment before she asked in a low voice, “Is Bao Si Qing alright?”

Chu Yu hesitated for a moment and shook his head, “We managed to contact the boss, but no one has seen the boss in person. However, since the boss still has the energy to plan all of this, we can assume that he is fine!”

However, no matter what, Yun Hua was still unable to calm down. If he completes the mission flawlessly, will he still be able to receive the special grade merit that only people who died serving the country will receive?

“It’s better if you arrange some physicians and helicopters to stand by the area. He was shot and then fell down a steep cliff. His injuries must be serious and there are no local hospitals there. His injury may worsen…” Yun Hua couldn’t help but add on.

Chu Yu was in a daze; he was surprised by how detailed Yun Hua was. He nodded his head and replied, “What you said makes sense. We forgot about our boss’s injury because we were too overwhelmed by excitement after being able to successfully contact him… We often forget that our boss is still human since he gives off an omnipotent aura. You are right, I will immediately contact my superior and ask them to prepare and send professional medical helicopters and specialized medical personnel to be on standby!”

Yun Hua finally relaxed a little after she managed to do all that she could do.

He is fine; he will definitely survive!

However, there was no way she could truly relax until she received the news of his safe return to China.

With worry feeling up her mind, Yun Hua’s temper spiked.

Today, Han Fangzhou bore the brunt of her anger.

“Han Fang Zhou, you were 10 minutes late this morning, so that’s ten laps,” Yun Hua said without any hesitation, “you also didn’t finish yesterday’s English tasks so that’s another 10 laps. In total, you owe 20 laps.”

As soon as the words left Yun Hua’s mouth, Han Fang Zhou left the classroom and headed straight for the sports field.

Zhan Shi Bang hurriedly told He Zhi Hang to go to the sports field to supervise Han Fang Zhou. When they are punished with laps, someone needs to supervise the person being punished to make sure he or she doesn’t lie about the number of laps they run. Zhan Shi Bang went up to Yun Hua and said, “Sister Hua, don’t be angry. Something happened to Brother Han in the past two days.”

Yun Hua frowned, “What happened?”

Zhan Shi Bang scratched his head and said, “I don’t know the specifics because brother Han has always been secretive. But I know that the situation at home is not good. I think his mother is sick… Brother Han attends school during the day and works at a bar at night. He often stays up all night, so… Cough…”

So, he is often late to class and ends up falling asleep on his desk every day.

Yun Hua pursed her lips and pondered over something before she said, “When school ends in the afternoon, you and I will go to his house.”

“I don’t want to!” Zhan Shi Bang immediately backed away from her. “If Brother Han finds out about this, he will skin me alive!”

“You can choose whether you die in my hands or his…”

“Sister… Please don’t bully me like this…”


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  1. Aw, she does care about her classmates! Also, half a month in novel time… how many chapters will it be before we know – scratch that, before the *FL* knows – that the ML is okay? o.o

    Thanks for the chapter, and stay safe!


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