Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 152]


After the assembly was over, the students returned to their classes.

The students in Class 15 quickly ran back to their classroom. They had been assigned a math task this morning. They needed to quickly finish it and strive to place first!

Yun Hua summarized the key points and then she assigned the daily tasks and exercises to the class.

Pei Zi Xuan glanced at students with poor learning foundations and turned around to nap. 

He had just laid his head on the table when someone tapped him on the shoulder, “Hey, second place, what is this question asking for?”

The corner of Pei Zi Xuan’s lips twitched after he glanced at the problem. He immediately frowned and said, “Are you a pig? -x and (-x) are two different variables! If these two variables are the same, why would they add a bracket there? Do you think they have nothing to do, so they just added a bracket there for fun? You pig brain!”

Zhu Yi Qun’s mouth twitched, but he endured the scolding because he wanted to place first. He nodded his head and said, “Yes, you’re correct! How did you know that my surname is Zhu? Can you explain this to me clearly? Both variables look the same to me!”

Pei Zi Xuan was speechless, “Assume that the variable x is equal to 2, then -x=-2; then the variable -(-x) would equal to 2…”

“Yes, it’s different. But…” Zhu Yi Qun said.

Pei Zi Xuan glanced at him coldly and said, “Can you wait for me to finish explaining first?”

“Yes, yes! Please continue!” Zhu Yi Qun promptly allowed Pei Zi Xuan to continue.

Pei Zi Xuan was about to go crazy; he could not understand why he could not understand such a simple concept. However, he patiently continued explaining by writing the equation on a piece of paper, “Before, we assumed that x is a positive value. Now, let’s suppose that x is a negative value. For example, let x is equal to 2. Then what is -x? -x will be equal to -2. What about -(-x)? Well, -(-x) will equal to 2! Do you understand how the two variables are different now?”

Zhu Yi Qun scratched his head, “I think I understand now…”

Pei Zi Xuan tossed his pen to the side and laid his head on the table again.

Within a minute, he was awakened again by another student. He explained the problem to the students, “Then… What if this number is raised to the 3rd power, then to the 4th power or to the 5th power…”

Pei Zi Xuan vomited blood!

The students were studying physics in the afternoon. As physics was only taught since the start of the second year, there was no first year content to revise.

Measuring and calculating objects in physics were relatively simple. They just needed to pay attention to the unit of the measurement and the percentage of error. But it was easy to confuse the measurements of a reference object of a mechanical movement.

Those who understood the concept would be able to easily solve those problems. But students who had problems grasping the concept would struggle through the subject. Even so, it was important for them to learn how to measure a reference object of a mechanical movement. In the future, all the physics calculations will be related to the mechanical movement of a reference object. 

For example, they would need to measure the distance, speed, etc., between two cars traveling in the opposite direction. All of those measurements are based on the students’ understanding of a reference object. So, the students must understand the content of this chapter!

After Han Fang Zhou explained the concept, he used concrete examples to explain what a reference object was…

After the first class ended, Yun Hua told the class representatives that she had to leave early today.

Pei Zi Xuan immediately shouted, “I also have something to do, so I have to leave first too!”

Damn it! He came to Class 15 to sleep, but he didn’t even get to sleep for a minute from the morning till now!

Yun Hua glanced at him and said, “Don’t worry, the second lesson for discussion. You just need to answer the students’ questions. This was the condition you agreed to in order to come to Class 15. After the second class ends, their tasks will be completed. Then, you can do whatever you want.”

Pei Zi Xuan, “…” Was it too late for him to transfer out of Class 15 now?

The students in Class 15 were a bunch of pigs. Even though the problems were simple, he still had to explain it to them several times. If he didn’t clearly explain each step to them, then they wouldn’t understand it at all!

It was fine if they didn’t understand, but they weren’t the least bit angry after being scolded by him many times. They would come back to him and continue to ask him simple questions!

He was annoyed to death!

Yun Hua smiled and patted Pei Zixuan’s shoulder, “Fight on!”

She needed to go home quickly. She was told by the editor that《Shocking Dreams in the Forbidden Palace》was debuting on the market today. She had to return home early to deal with some stuff!

Classmate Pei was unable to escape from the classroom. He was instantly drowned by the sea of questions directed to him by the students of Class 15. 


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