Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 153]


This year, she didn’t have the habit of writing a lot of manuscripts. The most she had written was around 10,000 words.

When Yun Hua works on《Awaken From a Dream in the Qin Palace》, she spends a lot of effort on the vocabulary, sentence structures, characters, and the setting of the novel. However, the lack of time meant that she wrote fewer manuscripts than before.

However, she decided to upload a few more chapters this time!

Although she did not plan on writing a lot, she could probably still write around 30,000 words!

After consulting the editor, Yun Hua officially added fees to read her novel at 8 o’clock in the evening!

As the announcement about the paid chapters was made a week beforehand, many readers already knew about the charges. There were readers who supported it, but there were also readers who didn’t.

At this point in time, the readers were still not used to paying to read the novels. However, ten years from now, paying to read would become commonplace.

“You can see the subscription number from the backend!” Sugar was very excited.

Yun Hua didn’t focus on the subscription numbers, instead, she continued to write. She would not be able to stay up tonight because she had a competition tomorrow. She needed to be in bed by 10:30.

She added fees to read her book at 8 o’clock. She uploaded 15 chapters in one shot, with a total word count of about 30000 characters. 

Yun Hua continued writing from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock, finishing four chapters in two hours.

After she closed the document, she saw that her QQ was exploding with messages. She clicked on her QQ app and they were all notifications from Sugar!

Tang Tang:【Revived Drawing, have you checked the subscription number? Have you seen it? My god, my heart is about to explode! Your novel has 50,000 bookmarks, and the number of subscriptions has exceeded 10,000 for the first chapter!】

【Revived Drawing, I have never seen a book with 10,000 subscriptions in just two hours after uploading! Never!】

【Revived Drawing, you’ve blown my existing knowledge out of the water. Do you know what’s even more surprising? The readers aren’t skipping any chapters. That meant that you have an average of 10,000 subscribers and the number is still growing…】

【Oh right, the website has implemented a reward system. Readers can now support you in the form of rewards. Since you hadn’t been on in the past few days, I didn’t have the time to tell you. Did you know, even before your novel became paid to read, there were already a lot of readers sending you rewards!】

【Wooooaaaahhhh. Revived Drawing, someone has just rewarded you with 100,000 novel coins! It happened just now!】

Yun Hua could tell that Sugar was very excited based on the messages.

An average of 10,000 subscribers was considered an amazing accomplishment even ten years into the future; not to mention, the online novel payment system was still new in this time period, and yet she had already obtained so many subscribers! It was something that no one has ever seen!

It was even more incredible that someone had just rewarded her 100,000 novel coins. After all, 100,000 novel coins were worth a thousand dollars!

Of course, in the future, it would even be possible to see readers reward the authors with 10,000,000 novel coins!

Revived Drawing:【Sugar, I have something to do tomorrow, so I’ll head to bed first. I’m relying on you to keep an eye on my novel. Thank you!】

Sugar:【Revived Drawing, you’re being too polite. This is my job! I’m so excited that I can’t sleep tonight!】

Of course, Yun Hua was also excited!

She didn’t do as well in her previous life. In the beginning, she had only written manuscripts based on inspirations. She didn’t have any writing skills. Even so, she worked hard to understand her readers’ preferences, studied and learned writing techniques, researched popular novel genres…

After all her hard work, she rose to fame and became a novel god. But it was soon all taken away by Xiao Ruyue!

Now, she had all the writing skills and techniques she learned from her previous life. She also had a keen grasp on what was popular. As a result, her first book was already a success!

Even though Yun Hua appeared calm on the outside, her heart was rapidly pounding against her chest.

Setting a novel up as paid to read was the most authentic way to test the success of a book. Now that she received such amazing results after setting up her novel as paid to read, how could Yun Hua not be excited!

Yun Hua suppressed the excitement in her heart when she recalled tomorrow’s competition. She needed a good rest tonight!

Writing novels was her hobby, and it might even be her future career, but swimming was the dream she dreamed of for two lifetimes!

Tomorrow’s competition was her first official match in her entire life!


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7 thoughts on “Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 153]

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Also, please make sure the names are consistent. Originally Tang Tang was named Sugar, but it’s suddenly been changed


  2. I gotta admit, I really like how down to earth her ambitions are. In other novels like this, the MC would usually start some huge multimillion yuan busyness just because she could. This one, however, dreams of swimming and tries to earn money through writing novels. Feels way less demigod-ish, doesn’t it?


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