Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 151]


Wu Lian was about to go crazy!

She was ranked first in the entire school, yet she was adamant about staying in Class 15! It would tarnish Class 1’s reputation if she stayed in Class 15 when she placed first in the placement exam!

Just by looking at the damned girl, Wu Lian was certain that she did not plan on changing her mind. She was…really unreasonable!

“I want you to call your parents to come to school! I don’t believe that your parents will let you stay in Class 15!” Wu Lian used his trump card, calling a student’s parents to school!

Yun Hua glanced at Wu Lian, “Are you sure you want to tell my mother that my paper was torn up by her best friend who is also my father’s mistress?”

“…” The corner of Wu Lian’s mouth twitched and he finally gave in. He said angrily, “Do whatever you want! Just don’t come crying to me later!”

After that, Wu Lian began reading the new regulations and rules.

“Students from Class 1 and Class 2 are not allowed to be late, leave early, or date. They are also not allowed to go to internet cafes, aren’t allowed to… If they are found to have violated any of these rules more than three times, then they will be transferred directly to the ordinary classes!”

“The ordinary classes will also have regulations. The rules in Class 3 to Class 13 are…”

When Wu Lian finally finished reciting all the rules, Pei Zi Xuan stretched his hand and poked at Wu Lian lazily. He said, “I also want to go to Class 15.”

“What?” Wu Lian’s eyes widened in shock.

Pei Zi Xuan yawned and drowsily said, “I said that I also want to transfer to Class 15.”

“You… You… You guys…”

Yun Hua glanced at Pei Zi Xuan and asked the question that Wu Lian wanted to ask, “Why are you transferring to Class 15?”

Pei Zi Xuan yawned, “There are no rules in Class 15… I’m so sleepy. In Class 1, I can’t even take a nap during class.”

Yun Hua narrowed her eyes and suddenly smiled, “Not anyone can enter Class 15. There is a condition for you if you want to enter Class 15.”

Pei Zi Xuan glanced at Yun Hua and said, “Then I can just transfer to Class 14. The teacher in charge of Class 14 wouldn’t care if I napped in class either.”

Yun Hua smiled, “Sure, go ahead and head to Class 14. After all, Class 14 still has a teacher-in-charge. Class 14 also has to abide by the school rules and participate in various school activities…”

“Wait, tell me the condition first.” Pei Zi Xuan’s face turned a little dark. But since Class 15 had no teachers, that meant that the students there did not need to abide by the rules and regulations set up by the school. The students in Class 15 also did not need to participate in boring activities planned by the school. This was very tempting for him!

Yun Hua nodded her head, “The condition is very simple. You can do whatever you want in Class 15 for most of the time. You just need to agree to one condition. Every morning and afternoon, you have to spare one period worth of time to answer other students’ questions about their classwork. Of course, if they don’t have any questions for you, then you can continue doing whatever you want.

Pei Zi Xuan frowned. Answering other students’ questions? How could students from Class 15 have any questions regarding what they have learnt? After all, they were the bottom of the bunch. It was more likely for them to ask how to upgrade their characters in a game.

“Okay, I agree with your condition!” Pei Zi Xuan nodded his head.

Yun Hua smiled and nodded her head too, “Welcome to Class 15!”

Wu Lian was about to go crazy from anger. He glared at Pei Zixuan and said, “Are you sure you want to transfer to Class 15? Don’t regret your decision later. After you enter Class 15, you are not allowed to transfer to any other classes!”

“Sure.” Pei Zi Xuan nodded without any hesitation.

Wu Lian was so angry that he was at a loss for words.

Yun Hua led Pei Zi Xuan straight to where the students in Class 15 were standing!

Everyone in Class 15 was stunned by the sudden turn of events!

Yun Hua’s decision to stay had saved their hearts from the depth of despair and in addition to that, she had unexpectedly convinced Pei Zi Xuan to transfer to Class 15 too! Now, the students ranked 1 and ranked 2 in the placement test were both in Class 15…

My god, could Class 15 still be considered to be the worst class in the school? Now, both the first and second ranked students were in Class 15!

Class 15 descended into chaos.

Would the worst class in the school have the student ranked first in the exam? Would the worst class in the school have the student ranked second in the exam?

Class 15 was unparalleled in the history of the worst classes! 

The current Class 15 was definitely the strongest of all worst classes up till now!

Pei Zi Xuan stood in the middle of the students of Class 15 and felt that the atmosphere there was a little strange. This class of slags should not be too different from his imagination… Right?

However, it only took Pei Zi Xuan an hour to discover that he had willingly boarded a pirate ship!


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  1. Thank you for updating!!!!
    However, it only took Pei Zi Xuan an hour to discover that he had willingly bored a pirate ship!


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