Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 150]


The news that Yun Hua’s exam papers had been torn up had spread throughout the school. Even so, the news caused quite a stir when the grade director confirmed the rumors by announcing that Yun Hua had indeed placed first!

96 points in Chinese, 100 points in mathematics, 99 points in English, and 100 points in physics. She has an overall score of 395 points, which is the highest grade in her year. Student Yun Hua, please come up to receive your prize!”

Mistakes? The students sitting below the platform were all ridiculing Wu Lian’s poor attempt at covering up the incident. There was no one who didn’t know what had really happened!

“Everyone, please clap!” Wu Lian took the lead by applauding first.

Clap, clap, clap!”

Thunderous applause resounded throughout the room.

Her results were quite amazing!

However, the focus of the students’ gossip was not on Yun Hua’s fabulous grades, but on Teacher Xiao who had torn up Yun Hua’s exam papers. She was really shameless! Not only was she a mistress, she even stole someone else’s husband! As if that wasn’t enough, she even harmed her husband’s daughter!

How could a person like her become a teacher? The reason the school didn’t expel her was probably that they were afraid that she would tarnish the school’s reputation if the news was revealed to the world.

The original teacher of Class 10 was Xiao Qiu Ci. However, all the students from Class 10 were now protesting that they did not want such a shameless teacher that would shred a student’s exam papers.

As a result, the school had let another teacher temporarily take over Class 10.

Whenever students passed by Xiao Qiu Ci in the hallways, they would gossip behind her back. The students from the two English classes taught by Xiao Qiu Ci did not respect her at all. Some students even wrote the word ‘mistress’ in big bold letters on the blackboard before Xiao Qiu Ci entered the classroom…

The teacher that was formerly hailed as the goddess of Nan Xi had been dragged through a manure hole! No matter how many times she tries, she would never regain her reputation!

“Okay, the person ranked second on the placement exam is… Pei Zi Xuan!”

Why was the name so familiar?

It seemed that this person had a similar name to the person who was first called up to read out his self-reflection essay…

Everyone looked at the figure approaching the platform. Huh, aren’t they the same person?

It was the same person in the same black hoodie with a figure as thin as a piece of paper…

Tsk, he was really… Handsome!

He had just finished reading his self-reflection paper, and now he was walking up to the stage to receive his prize. Tsk tsk.

The person ranked second was originally placed first. However, with Yun Hua’s sudden appearance, he was now ranked second! But ranking second place was still really amazing!

After the prizes were all handed out, Wu Lian said, “Due to the previous mistake with Yun Hua’s exam papers, she was placed in Class 15. We have come to the decision to rightly restore Yun Hua’s exam scores and rank. In addition to that, she will also be transferred to Class 1. This is what she deserves!”

The audience fell silent for a moment until someone began to applaud.

Yun Hua looked towards the area where the applause first started.

Han Fang Zhou, Zhan Shi Bang, Xia Qing Yu, He Zhi Hang, Zhu Yi Qun…and everyone else in Class 15 were applauding for her. They were also the first ones to applaud for her!

The rims of Yun Hua’s eyes were turning red. She quickly looked down and turned to Wu Lian, “Director Wu, I won’t go to Class 1, I am staying in Class 15!

The applause came to an abrupt stop.

Everyone was stunned as their gaze remained on the stage.

Wu Lian also froze on the spot. He stared at Yun Hua with wide eyes and asked, “What are you saying?”

Yun Hua took a deep breath and said firmly, “I will stay in Class 15!”

The expression on Wu Lian’s face turned a little dark. He quickly moved the microphone away and whispered to Yun Hua, “Don’t stir up trouble. You are ranked one in the placement test, how can you stay in Class 15? Besides, none of the teachers are willing to teach the students in Class 15 right now! Didn’t you spare so much effort to look for your papers and restore your grades just so you can go to Class 1? What are you doing right now?”

Yun Hua’s voice was still calm as she explained, “I spent the effort to look for my exam papers and to restore my rightful grades because I want a fair and just result! I don’t really care if I go to Class 1 or not. I’ve already decided that I’m going to stay in Class 15.”

Yun Hua looked at the students from Class 15 who were standing by the edge of the stage. Then, she confidently said, “I, Yun Hua, will stay in Class 15!”


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