Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 149]


A week passed by in a flash!

Yun Hua could not help but wish that she was able to form a doppelganger of her own like the characters in the cultivation novels she had read.

In the morning, she had to manage everyone’s learning progress in mathematics. After that, she had to discuss with each subject representative on the learning progress of all the other subjects.

She needed to supervise the students’ learning progress, how much of their daily tasks they had completed, as well as manage the reward and punishment system!

When Han Fang Zhou arrived five minutes late to class, he was punished to run five laps!

Since Han Fang Zhou was made into an example, the other students followed Yun Hua’s orders obediently. After all, no one in the class was able to beat Brother Han and Brother Han had told everyone to listen to Sister Hua’s words. As a result, no one voiced their complaints.

In addition…they discovered that learning was not as annoying and hard as they had always thought!

For example, Zhu Yi Qun surprisingly won first place in English on Wednesday! The students were tested on the vocabulary and sentences they had learned in previous units.

When it was time for rewards and punishments to be handed out, Zhu Yiqun announced excitedly that he wanted Zhan Shi Bang to perform something in the school’s cafeteria… Blowing up condoms!

Placing first can help offset five laps of punishment. Although Zhu Yi Qun still had a lot of laps to run, he boldly said, “I can run laps every day, but to place first is a rare occurrence for me, I have got to seize this golden opportunity! Hehe, Zhan Shi Bang, you can use this opportunity to spread your name throughout the school! Hahaha!”

“You must do it in the cafeteria during lunch. You must blow up three condoms until they burst! Does everyone like my punishment?”

“We do!”

A group of boys that would always create chaos and disturbance in school, cheered for Zhu Yi Qun. Everyone was in a great mood.

Zhang Shi Bang was furious, “Damned pig, just you wait for tomorrow’s math task. Tomorrow, I will make you put the condoms over your head and parade around the school!”

The group of boys usually got headaches whenever they saw a book or had to study. But now, they were full of energy!

It was difficult for them in the beginning, but after they learnt the concepts, they realized that learning was not too hard!

It was only difficult for those who refused to learn, but learning was easy for those who were willing to learn.

She should not be too anxious about the situation in Class 15. Although everyone was full of energy right now, their foundation in each subject was too lacking. She needed to teach them one step at a time.

Yun Hua still had to go to that “first-rate residential villa” to train for the competition on Saturday every day after class!

After her training, she needed to go home to find lesson plans and resources created by renowned teachers…

It was really tiring but rewarding at the same time!

Mother Jiang Huan Qing and Shen Shi Ying’s mother, Zhou Hai Lan managed to settle the rental of their snack bar already. They hired workers to paint the walls and re-partitioned the kitchen from the dining area using glass and screen windows. They purchased new pots, pans, ladles, custom-made equipment for making Mala soup, tables, chairs, chopsticks and various sauces… 

They also needed to go to the Health Bureau and the Bureau of Commerce and Business to register for a health license and a business permit!

They were extremely busy, but it was an enriching experience.

That was how it felt to be alive!

They were doing well and having a jolly good time.

On Friday morning, the school held a general meeting to criticize students who broke the school rules as well as to praise students who did exceptionally well on the placement exam.

“The following students had disregarded the school rules. They arrived at school late and left school early to go to internet cafes! They must be severely disciplined! This first student, Pe Zi Xuan, please step forward to reflect on your mistakes!” The voice of the grade director, Wu Lian was extremely stern!

A skinny boy wearing a black hoodie slowly walked up to the platform. He was so skinny that a gust of wind might have blown him away.

He walked extremely slowly…

He was holding a piece of paper in his hand. It was probably a self-reflection essay he wrote about his mistakes. He slowly began to read the words on the paper. His voice was slow and drowsy as if he had just woken up. He would yawn after speaking a few sentences each time…

Wu Lian almost died of anger!

“Next, we will commend the top ten scorers on the placement test. The person ranked first in the exam is Yun Hua!”


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