Rebirth Junior High School – The Excelling Top Student Goddess [Chapter 145]


So, it was like this!

Everyone finally understood!

Everything made sense now.

Otherwise, why would a teacher rip up a student’s exam papers for no reason?

All the teachers in the room, including vice principal Hao Xue Wen and the grade director, Wu Lian, looked at Xiao Qiu Ci with a rather complicated gaze.

Xiao Qiu Ci was considered to be a goddess in school ever since she joined this school, yet she would do such a malicious thing!

She became a mistress and gave birth to an illegitimate daughter. She robbed her best friend of her husband and stole Yun Hua’s father. She even tried to destroy Yun Hua’s future by tearing her exam papers into pieces! Not only did she prevent Yun Hua from entering Class 1, she ruthlessly sent her to the exiled Class 15…

Oh my god, she was vicious!

Sure enough, the more beautiful a woman was, the more vicious and cruel she would be!

It was impossible for Xiao Qiu Ci to refute these claims. Her face turned from green to white. She really didn’t expect that Yun Hua would actually reveal the truth to the public!

Was this damned girl not afraid of other people gossiping behind her back and bullying her for not having a father?

Didn’t she know that many children are excluded by their classmates because their parents had divorced?

Xiao Qiu Ci could no longer remain graceful and composed. The expression on her face was extremely unsightly.

Everyone looked at each other, but none of them knew what to do right now.

In the end, Yun Hua stepped forward and looked at Xiao Qiu Ci and said, “Teacher Xiao, you stole my dad, but I’ve already accepted that. You married my father and now Xiao Ru Yue has a father. The three of you are now a complete and happy family. Why are you still targeting me? What, I can’t go to Class 1 because Ru Yue is in there?”

“That’s right, she’s way too vicious. If she had only ripped two exam papers, then she wouldn’t have entered Class 15. Class 15 is full of trash students! If you end up there, then your future is done for!” Another teacher said.

Everyone nodded their heads secretly in their hearts. That’s true!

Her daughter already went to Class 1, yet she forced her husband’s original daughter to go to Class 15. She really was ruthless!

“Teacher Xiao, I don’t want to argue with you. I only have one request.” Yun Hua looked at Vice Principal Hao Xuewen and the Grade Director Wu Lian and continued, “Our school’s reputation is very important. I don’t want to bring shame to our school’s reputation. My only goal is to receive my complete exam papers back and for you to help me restore my grades and ranking!”

“Vice Principal Hao and Grade Director Wu, I’m not asking for too much, right?”

Hao Xue Wen and Wu Lian glanced at each other speechlessly.

“Student Yun, your test papers are already ripped to shreds,” Hao Xuewen couldn’t help but reply.

“It can be glued back together.” Yun Hua smiled, “Teacher Xiao can glue back my exam papers since she was the one who ripped it. Rest assured, I’m not picky about the looks of the paper. Can’t the school even fulfill this small request of mine?”


The office door was suddenly pushed open.

A group of students led by Han Fang Zhou stood outside the office door. Vice Principal Hao and the rest of the teachers started becoming nervous about the sudden turn of events.

“The person who ripped her exam papers up should glue it back together!”

“She’s not worthy to be a teacher!”

“Yes, let her piece the exam papers back together. What kind of teacher would bully a student and destroy her future?”

“We protest against this kind of teacher!”

“That’s right, we all protest against this kind of teacher! If the school doesn’t deal with this matter fairly, then we’ll report this to the Bureau of Education!”

“Yes! We will go to the Bureau of Education together and ask them if we’re allowed to have a teacher who would harm her students like this!”

Yun Hua was speechless when she saw all the students from Class 15 suddenly showing up when she did not even ask them to!

Her eyes felt a little wet and her throat tightened.

Never before had so many people tried to protect her. She had always been fighting alone…

Vice Principal Hao and Grade Director Wu immediately got a headache!

The… The students from Class 15 were all slags. But they were a group of people who would do as they say!

If this matter was reported to the Bureau of Education, then things will spiral out of control!

Vice Principal Hao coughed lightly and looked at Xiao Qiu Ci. His gaze was undeniably stern, “Teacher Xiao, it doesn’t matter what personal grievances you have with student Yun. But the fact remains that you had ripped up her exam papers! Student Yun only wants you to glue her exam papers back together and I believe her request is fair. Teacher Xiao, what do you think?”


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  1. Wow, no BS excuses for once, hands down I bow to the Author for going straight to the point… even though it was short, tx alot for the chapter, at least I got a closure on that front.


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